Massachusetts, USA – Global technology media, data, and marketing services company, IDG Communications, Inc. (IDG), has acquired Selling Simplified, the Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform that provides lead generation products, data services, and analytics.

The acquisition of Selling Simplified allows IDG to add contact and account level AI-powered lead generation capabilities to its expanding suite of intent-based marketing technologies.

Through the acquisition, Selling Simplified will be offering two distinct opportunities for product growth within IDG. First is a global dataset of more than 160 million B2B records specific to tech industry purchase intent which can be added to IDG’s existing proprietary audience, creating the world’s largest addressable database of in-market tech decision-makers and influencers.

And lastly, Selling Simplified will also be offering a marketing technology platform that identifies and scores intent signals based on campaign engagement leveraging machine learning. The company’s Demandcentr system will continuously monitor behavioural context and build an understanding of the purchase intent behind each contact and account in the database. The combined data and marketing technology identify the most valuable contacts for sales outreach or continued lead nurture.

Kumaran Ramanathan, IDG’s president, shared that marketing campaigns simply perform better when you can also apply knowledge of the prospect’s current stage in the path-to-purchase and actively engage them.

“Selling Simplified has been able to provide just that and shares our commitment to building deep relationships across international markets,” said Ramanathan.

Meanwhile, Michael Whife, Selling Simplified’s CEO, said, “IDG was a natural partner for our next stage of development on many fronts. We believe the union of the two companies makes us the largest provider of B2B tech leads globally and offers a dynamic approach to driving success for our clients.”