Hanoi, Vietnam — Vietnamese airline company Bamboo Airways has appointed airline travel and tourism representation company TAL Aviation as its representative in France and Benelux, which consists of Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg. The respective TAL Aviation teams in those countries will provide Bamboo Airways with distribution, sales, reservations, marketing, press relations, finance and more, for the upcoming opening of flights from France.

As part of its international expansion, both companies will actively collaborate in the development of the French market and the upcoming opening of flights to Vietnam from France. TAL Aviation’s team for France and Benelux will use its skills and professionalism to assist the airline to enter the French market and inspire French travellers to visit Vietnam.

Jean-Michel Bohn, managing partner of TAL Aviation France and Benelux, said, “We are delighted to bring a smart, modern and advanced vision into one of the world’s leading markets.”

Meanwhile, Nissim Sagis, TAL Aviation’s chief commercial officer, commented, “We are pleased to be a part of Bamboo Airways’ plans of expansion. Our new partner is in good stead, led by our French team who has hands-on experience in developing a new product in the market.”