Technology Featured ANZ

Delacon partners with Tableau for multi-channel marketing

Sydney, Australia – Digital marketing company Delacon has partnered with analytics platform Tableau to integrate its call analytics technology with the Tableau platform. This in turn provides marketers with actionable insights and the capability to measure return on marketing investments across channels.

In addition, the integration of Delacon’s call analytics technology will feed rich call data into the Tableau platform which may then be matched against other data points to enable more effective marketing decision making.

Michael Center, CEO at Delacon said, “We are excited to be partnering with Tableau to help companies make more informed business decisions driven by data. Our call tracking data will enhance data sets in Tableau, delivering a solid solution for marketers to measure ROI from digital spend and marketing activities across channels.”

Meanwhile, Brian Matsubara, vice president, global technology alliances at Tableau, commented, “Delacon shares Tableau’s view that data should be leveraged to make informed business decisions. The integration of Delacon’s call analytics data enables customers to better gauge the effectiveness of their marketing resources. We welcome Delacon’s expertise in call analytics to the Tableau ecosystem.”

Delacon’s call tracking solution helps determine which marketing channels are producing the most calls, enabling optimisation of the right channels ensuring return on advertising spend.

Technology Featured East Asia

Retailer Dairy Farm Group taps MuleSoft, Salesforce, and Tableau for digital transformation

Singapore – Pan-Asian retailer Dairy Farm Group is leveraging its digital transformation strategies by adding API platform Mulesoft, CRM company Salesforce and data software company Tableau to its digital strategy platform.

An initial step undertaken by the retailer is launching its digital rewards club called “yuu”, wherein partner brands and coalition partners are integrated into the yuu platform to allow customers access and redeem points all within a platform.

“With MuleSoft, we are able to connect different systems from multiple brands using an API-led approach to roll out new services in a reduced timeframe. With an omnichannel customer experience across all our brands, we can better manage each customer’s journey and their preferred communication channels with Salesforce Marketing Cloud,” Crystal Chan, IT director for Dairy Farm Group said.

Aside from the digital rewards launch, Daily Farm Group’s current digital transformation strategies focus on the aspect of improving project delivery speed. The retailer will utilize API technology to further improve point of sale (PoS) and e-commerce systems that will create synergy between its online and offline channels. Furthermore, the APIs can be also used to provide new customer experience strategies such as providing curated content, news, and promotions.

The yuu rewards club rolls out to key markets Hong Kong and Macau, where the retailer holds about over 10 household brands in more than 2,000 stores.