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Switch, Sitecore partner to launch new initiative that accelerates digital transformation

Sydney, Australia – Sydney-based digital agency Switch has partnered with digital experience management software Sitecore to launch a new composable digital experience initiative, aimed at helping companies align and accelerate their transformation agenda.

With this new initiative, Switch will now be providing companies with the opportunity to implement composable solution architecture and software in a planning framework, which is designed to drive ROI on business plans, target operating models, and effective data architecture.

Moreover, Switch will be offering the latest platform components from Sitecore, including customer data management, content management, e-commerce, and marketing automation.

As part of the initiative, Switch has also developed a free workshop for organisations seeking to implement SaaS initiatives, helping companies understand their required digital experience strategy. 

Andrew Davenport, Switch’s managing director, shared that the nature of a composable DXP means that components can be smaller and quicker to implement.

“It also means customers can focus on key issues and key technical choices across multiple vendors which allows an organisation to keep evolving to meet its customer expectations without wholesale re-investment across its tech stack. We see this composability as critical to continued customer transformation,” said Davenport.

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AU’s housing body partners with DX agency Switch to refresh digital portal

Sydney, Australia – Housing Industry Association (HIA), the largest residential building organization in Australia, has partnered with digital customer experience agency Switch which is also an implementation partner of DXP Sitecore, to overhaul its suite of web-based content platforms and provide a connected digital experience to its member businesses across the country. 

HIA is Australia’s only national industry association representing the interests of the residential building industry. It acts as the industry’s voice and promotes policies and provides services that enhance members’ business practices, products, and profitability. 

According to a press release by Sitecore, the association said it wanted to change its traditionally face-to-face membership model by expanding the digital experience and services it offers online. 

Together with both Switch and Sitecore, the transformation project sought to improve the association’s digital strategy, customer engagement, and website design, and deliver a cloud-based platform that would provide hyper-personalized experiences, e-commerce services, data-decisioning systems, and marketing automation capabilities. 

Ben Brooker, HIA’s general manager for digital, describes the project as a “huge step.”

“Our goal is to be the trusted, ever-present voice of the residential building industry in Australia, and provide a central digital experience that unites all customer segments under a proactive, personalized, and connected experience,” said Brooker.

Meanwhile, Switch’s CEO, Steve Nelson, remarks on the growing importance of digitization, “As digital natives become the norm, companies are looking at new service offerings to match expectations and create seamless digital experiences.”

Switch said it formulated a digital strategy centered around four key transformation goals: Raise and capitalize on awareness, increase sense of belonging, grow revenue, and build an efficient digital operating model.

The association’s digital transformation journey included an evolution of its onboarding and membership model, an overhaul of its e-commerce platform, and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) structure, and the creation of an engaging and informative digital resource library to assert HIA’s position as an industry expert. 

In addition, an integrated e-commerce solution was created across all of HIA’s digital to support the opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell content online. The solution enables access to a number of resources that were previously only delivered in-store or through a customer service phone query. The digital transformation project also included a simplified user management UX that supports HIA’s membership structure, and the creation of a service prompting users to explore the website and learn about the features available. 

The strategy resulted in a multi-phased roadmap, allowing HIA to commence its digital transformation journey, starting with a new ‘Foundation Site’.

In accomplishing the project, the association deployed a suite of Sitecore technology platform services, including Sitecore XP (Integrated Digital Experience), Sitecore XC (Digital Commerce), and Personalisation technology.