Sydney, Australia – Five:am, an Australian yoghurt brand, has partnered with The Works, a part of Capgemini, to launch the jealous star Stevie MooQueen, its first major advertising campaign in more than three years. The hilarious series of 15 and 30 second ads depict Stevie attempting to escape her conventional farm for the lush, green grass of the organic farm next door. 

In the first episode, which debuts today, Stevie MooQueen and her two best friends steal a tractor to attempt to jump over the boundary fence in a spoof of Steve McQueen’s thwarted bid for freedom in The 1963 classic The Great Escape. Her envy across the fence shows the disparate differences between organic farming vs conventional dairy farms. 

five:am CEO Matthew Stanton shared, “Demand for organic yoghurt is increasing every year because it’s tastier and better for you, but not enough people know that organic farms are better for the planet, the cows and the farmers. It’s an easy way for us to cut our carbon emissions.” 

Stanton added, “Stevie MooQueen can see for herself how great organic farms are, so she’ll do anything to escape to one. She’s Australia’s bravest and most heroic cow!” 

Meanwhile, The Works’ Creative Partner Iggy Rodriguez commented, “Stevie is the kind of character everyone roots for. Ambitious and a little misguided. Her jealousy sparks a lifelong ambition to get over to the five:am organic side, which always ends in defeat. This sets up the premise for a long running campaign of adventures that will be both funny and touching!” 

“It was a fun campaign to work on and I think we’ve found a way to make consumers think about the choices they’re making when faced with the many options in the dairy aisle.,” Rodriguez adds.

The campaign is set to launch this week across TV, outdoor, digital and social.