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Startup intelligence company Flipidea rebrands as roiquant

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei – Startup intelligence Flipidea has announced its rebranding endeavour as roiquant, in a bid to better position its brand in helping founders build strong competitive business and generate higher return on investment.

According to its CEO Paul Lee, they envisioned an affordable business intelligence solution built with intelligent quant systems to empower startup founders in order to help smaller companies (the ‘small boys’) build competitive businesses returning high ROI.

“This is why our new brand name roiquant, a combination of two words ‘ROI’ and ‘quant’, is derived to best align with our value proposition,” he explained.

Roiquant also announced that in its recent product launches, they have released a proprietary pitch deck analytics in beta mode, which leverages text AI technologies to analyse the commercial viability and fundability of a business.

“Customers can learn to create, distribute, and capture value for their target audience in a structured and tangible approach while building their fundraising pitch deck, such as easily get real-time analysis and feedback to improve value creation in their business, or innovate through business model reconfiguration to offer greater competitive advantages, and so on,” the company said in a press statement.

As part of the rebranding process, the company also recently announced that it is planning its first virtual pre-seed startup competition, powered by its roiquant solutions.

“With our equity-free prize money, we aim to groom world-class founders by turning their ambitious dreams into impactful realities that make the world a better place, and attract real potential pre-seed or seed investment from our partnering investors,” Lee concluded.