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SP Setia’s new campaign embraces old Raya traditions in new normal

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – In celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, property development group SP Setia in Malaysia has launched a new heart-warming campaign that aims to embrace the old Raya traditions and strengthen its value on togetherness, done in collaboration with marketing consultancy Entropia’s brand for disruptors Rouge by Entropia.

SP Setia is one of the leading property developers in Malaysia. Its portfolio includes townships, eco homes, luxury homes, and high-rise residences, as well as retail and commercial, and integrated developments.

The almost four-minute film depicts one of the longest-standing Raya traditions – the traditional way of cooking Rendang – a tender coconut beef stew dish especially served during Hari Raya. It centers around a father and a son, and their 10-hour journey of keeping their Raya tradition alive by preparing homemade Rendang from scratch. In an ‘old vs new’ scenario, the father tries to instill traditional values in his son. Even though there are easy ways to cook Rendang with plenty of shortcuts like ordering on food delivery service, buying it off a roadside stall, or buying ready-made paste, the tradition lies in the time spent together and the adventures shared.

Rouge by Entropia’s Principal Samantha Tay commented that they are honored to be part of SP Setia’s 2021 Raya campaign, assisting the brand’s goal in keeping the core values and traditions that have transcended the times. 

She further shared that synonymous with quality, reliability, and value creation, SP Setia is a brand that believes every tradition is “worth doing, worth keeping, and worth continuing,” and they wanted this brand campaign to reflect these beliefs while “making old traditions the new normal”.

“Contrary to previous Raya celebrations, we might not be able to spend the time with our extended family members and friends, but as our campaign shows, we hope the effort of our traditions can still bring us closer together,” said Tay.

The Raya campaign is now available on SP Setia’s Facebook page, and will also run in print on newspapers and as a radio ad.