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Coca-Cola’s Marshmello limited edition collab now available in select SEA countries

Singapore – Popular soft drink brand Coca-Cola has recently released its limited edition collaboration with American music producer Marshmello, and is now available in select Southeast Asian countries namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. 

The Marshmello’s Limited Edition Coca Cola is a fusion of the artist’s favourite flavours: strawberry, and watermelon, mixed with the original Coca-Cola taste. Fans can also scan the QR code on the can to be transported to the Coca-Cola Creations online hub via, where several different digital experiences can be enjoyed. 

Speaking on the collaboration, Marshmello said, “It was great to collaborate with Coca-Cola on this limited-edition drop. We created a vibey blend of my favourite flavours in this all-new mix. I think it tastes amazing and I hope fans love it too.”

Meanwhile, Teejae Sonza, marketing director for Trademark Coca Cola of the Coca-Cola ASEAN & South Pacific, commented, “Music – just like Coca-Cola – has such an amazing power in connecting communities and creating opportunities for shared experiences.”

She added, “For this second Coca-Cola Creations drop we are doing here in ASEAN and South Pacific, we sought to add an unexpected remix of flavours to a great Coca-Cola taste, and Marshmello is the perfect collaborator. It is an exciting step for our brand to introduce Marshmello’s Limited Edition Coca-Cola and invite fans to immerse themselves in Mello’s world.”

Collectible slim cans with striking black and white visuals in the limited edition cans pay homage to the artist’s signature aesthetic, as well as dripped Spencerian script, melding the brands together into a smooth and satisfying vibe. Coca-Cola partnered with creative agency Forpeople on the packaging design.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

One script, three films: Pepsi PH goes all out in latest Christmas campaign

Manila, Philippines – If there is one thing that Filipinos also anticipate come the Yuletide season, it would be the roll-out of annual film festivals. These year-end film festivals usually create loud buzz as a fixture that celebrates the diversity of Filipino cinematography, and in the spirit of this along Christmas festivities, soft drink brand Pepsi in the Philippines has teamed up with creative agency BBDO Guerrero to release its newest campaign, ‘Pepsi Hit Sa Sarap Christmas Blockbusters’, an ode to the genres that define Philippine cinema. 

The campaign comprises three short digital films, which all use the same dialogue but each with a different theme, which all ends on how a pairing of Pepsi makes the Filipino ‘noche buena’ tastier. 

The first film ‘Familia Noche Buena’ (The Family Dinner) is a short creative take on a dramatic holiday get together. Meanwhile, ‘May Kumagat sa Dilim’ (Something Bites in the Dark) puts a supernatural Pinoy spin on the table, and lastly ‘Eats Sarap 2B With U Again’ (Eats Good 2B with U Again) takes on a slapstick comedy for a cheeky session with friends.

Speaking about the campaign execution, Mikey Rosales, marketing director at PepsiCo Philippines, said, “Pepsi wanted to create something different this year. While most of us are celebrating another Christmas at home, we also know that get-togethers might not always be cheerful – it can be dramatic at times – but together with Pepsi, there’s always some fun to be found in the sharing, the bonding, and of course, a tall glass of Pepsi.”

All of the films feature local Pepsi endorsers and influencers: YouTube content creator Pam Swing, Filipino basketball player Ricci Rivero and Internet sensation Mimiyuhh, alongside longtime endorsers and seasoned actors, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

Meanwhile, David Guerrero, chairman at BBDO Guerrero, commented, “What’s great about this is that we brought the spirit of Filipino film festivals into the audience’s homes. A light-hearted reminder of what we used to enjoy outside, and put a spin on it to spread good vibes and cheer to families and friends celebrating the yuletide seasons in their homes.”

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Say goodbye to false tupperware content assumptions, new Pepsi PH campaign shows

Manila, Philippines – Filipinos have long been known to repurpose things, including the commonly-practiced repurposing old ice cream tubs as tupperwares to store various items, including food items. This has led to hilarious instances where one would assume that the ice cream tub contains ice cream, but in fact contains other food items.

Such quirky part of the modern Filipino culture has led soft drink brand Pepsi in the Philippines to launch a new campaign called ‘tubAWARE’ which advocates against being shortchanged to whatever they want to consume or buy for themselves.

The campaign, created by creative agency BBDO Guerrero, stemmed from a scene in a prior Pepsi Philippine video commercial that showed various instances of being faced with shortchanges, such as small dresses, a low-class luxury bag, or a cold bowl of soup.

In the said video campaign, Pepsi shows that their product ‘Pepsi Go’ has extra 30mL on their bottle for added value for their customers.

Through the ‘tubAWARE’ campaign, online users can play around with customizing a digital ice-cream tub by uploading their food photos to the site, and add quirky lines to avoid the tub being assumed to have ice cream inside.

“It started out as a scene in the video. But it resonated so well we decided to give people the tools to create the customizable labels that would stop the feeling of being shortchanged” says David Guerrero, creative chairman at BBDO Guerrero.

Since its launch, tubAWARE’s announcement earned organic engagement roughly 30% higher than the average post, with more and more people sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and other social media platforms.

Clicks to the website have been 9 times more effective at 1.8% clickthrough rate (CTR) compared to the usual 0.2%, while a visit lasted 300% longer than the average showing, like the product, just how much of a hit this idea is proving to be.

“Pepsi is not here to tell you off. Instead, we’re here to turn those frustrations into fun,” shares Gutzee Segura, CSD marketing manager at Pepsi Philippines. She added that Pepsi wants to make its connection to the younger audience stronger and having executions that are relevant to their truths can help make the brand more relatable to this emerging audience.

Pepsi Philippines has succeeded in the past in tapping with the younger audience with their product. Just recently, they launched an augmented reality (AR) campaign where they encouraged online users to use their limited Pepsi X BLACKPINK cans to be transformed digitally as lightsticks.