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Shopee officially launches in-app customizable loyalty program for brands

Singapore – In conjunction with the nearing 7.7 Great Shopee Sale, Shopee has officially launched the ‘Shopee Mall Brand Memberships’ program for brands – a tool that aims to help brands to amplify their customer experience and growth through customer retention and loyalty program that can be personalized by the brand.

Shopee first gave a peek at the program in January during its Brands Summit 2021 last January. According to Shopee, the program is a response to the increase in brands looking to e-commerce as a key channel for brand-building in the entire customer journey. The new tool will allow brands on Shopee Mall to build deeper connections with potential and existing customers, converting them into valuable lifetime customers.

Similar to the way brands oversee their own loyalty programs, the ‘Shopee Mall Brand Memberships’ program will be driving more conversion and repeat purchases. For instance, brands can customize their own membership program for shoppers, including the welcome gift, number of membership tiers, and brand loyalty points awarded to members for every purchase. 

Furthermore, members of the program can accumulate and redeem these loyalty points for exclusive benefits such as upsized vouchers and gifts with purchases. What’s interesting is that ‘Shopee Mall Brand Memberships’ vouchers can be stacked by customers with other Shopee vouchers, thus unlocking even more savings, helping to promote further sales for brands; something that the platform ought to restrict in their standard promos. 

It would be recalled that Shopee also recently launched its own four-tier loyalty program within the platform. This is however catered to bringing in more shoppers into the platform itself, rather than a specific program. 

Shopee’s Regional Managing Director Ian Ho shared that with consumers now spending a larger part of their shopping journey online, they want to empower brands with more ways to capture their customers at every touchpoint. 

“Hence, we are proud to launch this program that will not only support our brand partners in achieving more sustainable growth by driving conversion and higher spending, but also deliver greater value to shoppers. We have already seen how brand members tend to spend twice as much per order compared to non-members, demonstrating the effectiveness of this tool in building greater brand affinity in the long-term,” said Ho.

The ‘Shopee Mall Brand Memberships’ program will also be providing brands with an effective way to identify and manage different customer segments through the understanding of their profile, purchasing habits, and preferences. 

The ‘Shopee Mall Brand Memberships’ Grand Launch campaign will officially start today, 1 July, to encourage sign-ups and will be rolled out across seven markets, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan, as well as Indonesia, and the Philippines. Over 200 brands on Shopee Mall and Shopee Premium across popular categories are expected to participate, and many more brands joining the program down the line.

Shopee also shared that it will further enhance the program with new features planned out for brands, which includes creating a more seamless shopping experience through omnichannel integration, where brands can integrate their offline and online CRM systems with the new tool.