Australia – As part of its continuous effort to promote self-love, beauty brand The Body Shop has brought its global campaign ‘Self Love Uprising’ to its Australian audiences, to further defy category norms, drive social change, and inspire one million acts of self-love.

Done in collaboration with advertising agency Havas Media Melbourne, creative communications firm Marilyn & Sons, and stylist Deni Todorovic, as well as mindset coach Allira Potter, the campaign aims to ensure that its self-love message feels personal and close to home for young Australians.

For the campaign, the brands’ PR and influencer agency, Havas Village’s One Green Bean, brought together local self-love contributors including social media star Abbie Chatfield, feminist writer Clem Ford, and appearance activist Carly Findlay, to tell their stories and self-love journey in a series of videos online and through OOH placements.

In addition, a series of videos featuring Todorvic and Potter will be launched, with the aim to encourage people, particularly young women, to join the movement across YouTube. A full-funnel social strategy will also ensure that target audiences won’t be able to open Instagram and Facebook without seeing its self-love message.

The Body Shop’s Deputy Brand and Activism Director Jessica Styles said they really wanted to elevate the storytelling behind Todorovic and Potter’s self-love journeys and the work with Havas Media Melbourne did just that. 

“We loved how they encouraged us to be bold with the placement of our content and focus on platforms that shine a spotlight on their inspiring stories. Because of this, we are thrilled to say that we have already inspired one million acts of self-love, hopefully with many more to come, encouraging Aussies to rise up and create positive change in the world,” said Styles.

Meanwhile, Naomi Johnston, general manager of Havas Media Melbourne, commented that it has been inspiring to work on the global campaign movement, completely brand-led and focused on raising awareness around the impact of self-doubt and inspiring acts of self-love. 

“It is quite special to work with a client with shared values and beliefs. At Havas, we believe in delivering meaningful media experiences for meaningful brands. This campaign is the complete embodiment of that belief,” said Johnston.

The ‘Self Love Uprising’ campaign is already running in digital large format and high-impact street furniture across Melbourne and Sydney, with a QR code allowing audiences to find their way to the ‘Self-Love Hub’ where they can explore ways to practice self-love.