Sydney, Australia – Global digital agency Jellyfish is ramping up its global presence by acquiring five companies, including one in Australia, Data Runs Deep.

The Australia-based Google marketing agency provides consultancy and training to clients. Data Runs Deep assists its clients with the structure and implementation of Google Analytics in their business – most importantly, giving companies the ability to produce outputs through large amounts of customer behavior data in order to make fast business decisions.

The newly-announced acquisitions speak to the rapid acceleration of businesses looking into integrating digital transformation strategies into their company. This is done in response to the global pandemic that has created a greater need for brands to partner with companies to help them navigate and meet the challenges of driving growth and sustainability.

Other of Jellyfish’s global acquisitions include tech agency Seelk, e-commerce content production Quill, creative technology company Splash, and technology services Webedia Brand Services.

“These acquisitions bring powerful enhancements to our portfolio of services by expanding our depth of expertise, geographical reach, and our offerings across several continents and regions,” says Chris Lee, COO at Jellyfish.

Jellyfish’s rapid expansion comes against a backdrop of consolidation and challenges in the traditional agency sector as the company’s capabilities lie in helping brands during their digital transformation journey.

“Our mission is to ensure that our clients have all the resources needed to fully embrace digital transformation and reach results that transcend every expectation. These acquisitions are key in driving prominence and growth in the marketplace and we believe nothing is impossible or beyond the reach of our clients,” said Rob Pierre, CEO of Jellyfish.