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Global PR firm Edelman launches new global center for ‘trust’ studies

New York, USA – In a greater aim to widen its studies of trust across global institutions, global communications and public relations firm Edelman has announced the launch of the Edelman Trust Institute, which is now the firm’s dedicated global center for studies concerning trust across businesses, media companies, academia, and the general civil society.

The global center launch is built upon the company’s reputation for trust-centric studies for the past two decades, most notably its Edelman Trust Barometer, a series of studies that the firm conducts across various markets and industries globally to measure the level of consumer trust these institutions have built across their clients and their constituents. 

Russell Dubner, global vice chairman of Edelman, shared that the reason they invested in the Edelman Trust Barometer is their strong belief that consumer trust and its impact on the world deserved to be studied and understood.

“Society is at an inflection point, and we believe that trust is the foundational currency of stakeholder capitalism and a defining business metric for companies and brands. Trust guides leadership, strategy, policy, and sustained action and has never been more valuable to institutional and business leaders,” Dubner said, who now also serves as a chairperson for the Trust Institute.

The ultimate goal of the Edelman Trust Institute is to provide leaders across institutions with a deeper understanding of the state of trust and equip the C-suite and boards with actionable insight about the changing dynamics of trust-building and erosion. The Trust Institute will serve as a partner to academia, leading companies, foundations, and other institutions committed to understanding and expanding trust.

Richard Edelman, CEO at Edelman, notes that with business deemed to be the most trusted institution globally and inevitably himself afforded the same reputation, it’s clear that trust is the element that binds business stakeholders together. 

“This is why we are making a multi-year investment in a collaborative endeavor with academia and other leading thinkers to build a deeper understanding of trust and its linkage to success. The Edelman Trust Institute is the next chapter in our commitment to the study of trust,” he stated.

As a start, the Trust Institute will be releasing a slew of brand trust reports throughout the latter parts of June this year, as well as the aspect of returning to work by September. They will be also releasing a series of studies about sustainability by November this year, which coincides with the observance of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 26).

The company will also delve into a library of the firm’s global trust tracking data on more than 200 companies and brands as well as a growing pool of trust data based on the firm’s proprietary algorithms that process ‘trust signals’ from editorial and user-generated content. This data, traditionally used for the firm’s trust methodology, R&D, and client engagements, will be used to generate new insights and foresight on the state of trust.

In addition, Edelman has also appointed Justin Blake as the Trust Institute’s first-ever executive director, where he will be responsible for setting the Institute’s editorial agenda, forging partnerships with academic institutions and other partners, overseeing the development of Trust Labs and content related to the state of trust.

He still retains his other current position as global chair of Executive Positioning at Edelman, and will report to Dubner, and will be based in New York.

“At the time we were doing one report a year. This past year we produced 12 Trust Barometer reports and Trust is now at the center of conversations by leaders across institutions. It has been incredible to have a ring-side seat as it’s grown in scale and importance. I’m excited to now help it expand its impact, supporting institutions as they seek to build and maintain trust during these skeptical times,” Blake stated.

To strengthen the capabilities of the Edelman Trust Institute, the firm has assembled a core group of advisors to shape its research, programming and partnership agenda. This diverse group of professors, former journalists and authors are authorities on the intersection of business, media, policy and civil society.

The board includes Pierre Chandon, the L’Oréal chaired professor of marketing—Innovation and Creativity at INSEAD and director of the INSEAD-Sorbonne University Behavioral Lab; Stephanie J. Creary, organizational scholar and assistant professor of management at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, among others.

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Elsevier extends COVID-19 info hub to India to combat ‘fake news’

New Delhi, India – As India continues to combat its second wave of COVID-19 infections, research publisher and information analytics company Elsevier has launched a new COVID-19 online healthcare information hub for India in order to relay the latest COVID-19 information for the greater benefit of Indian healthcare frontliners and the general public in the country to fight misinformation.

The Elsevier India COVID-19 Healthcare Hub features complimentary resources and online learning tools, as well as latest evidence-based information on the novel coronavirus, with materials on the prevention and management of COVID-19. These include approved treatments and guidelines, along with other useful tools to help doctors, nurses and healthcare workers provide patient care. 

In addition, this resource aims to meet the increasing need for standardized, credible and accurate information around the pandemic and allow healthcare professionals to provide consistent and safe patient care.

Kok Keng Lim, managing director for Asia Pacific at Elsevier believes that the publisher institution has a responsibility to provide high quality evidence-based information and tools on COVID-19 and the newly approved vaccines.

“By aligning these localized resources to global care standards, we aim to support frontline workers with credible data and patient discussion tools that can bolster their confidence to address concerns, dispel vaccine falsities and quickly make critical decisions for better patient outcomes,” Lim said.

He added, “The India COVID-19 Healthcare Hub also provides patients with a single source of accurate data to help curb the spread of misinformation on the disease.”

First introduced last year, the India COVID-19 Healthcare Hub is the local extension of the global information hub, which has received over 300,000 visits from physicians, nurses, clinicians, patients and researchers who are seeking the latest information and trustworthy resources on the pandemic.

In addition to the India COVID-19 Healthcare Hub, Elsevier is also supporting Swasth Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that promotes universal and affordable healthcare for the people of India. Together with the RELX Group, Elsevier’s parent company, the two organizations have contributed approximately 22 high-flow oxygen concentrators to support more than 12,000 critically ill patients in India.

Shankar Kaul, managing director for India at Elsevier, commented, “The COVID-19 pandemic has been a global health crisis for over a year and our teams across the United Kingdom and Latin America have conducted extensive research around the variants of coronavirus. These global insights are now available through the India COVID-19 Healthcare Hub, providing the public and healthcare professionals with access to the latest resources to manage the new strain of the virus.”

Users can also access the latest information from the Elsevier COVID-19 Healthcare Hub by connecting with them via messaging platform Whatsapp to receive automated updates.

On a separate note, Google India has launched the Google News Showcase in the country to create local curated news for the Indian readers, especially about COVID-19 updates, and similarly to combat misinformation about COVID-19.

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This new web browser extension empowers R&D endeavors, one tab at a time

Singapore – To best serve the funneling of advertising dollars spent on digital campaigns, brand agency Superunion has created a web browser extension for Tabfund to empower research and development endeavors by raising research funds.

Tabfund is a web browser extension service that funnels advertising dollars to power global research projects through non-invasive advertising impressions, collected every time a new tab is opened online.

Users who install the browser extension can have the option to donate their ‘tabs’ to preferred research projects across three major areas: Health (COVID-19), New Tech & Environment. As donations are collected from all corners of the globe, real-time data is processed by the platform, allowing people to see the collective impact as it happens for immediate visualisation, as well as receiving a quarterly personal impact report.

Created in collaboration with a team of researchers, Filipa Pinto, Leonardo Machado and Henrique Cardoso, and the Superunion team, Tabfund is designed to address the flawed research funding model and raise awareness of research today.

In a promotional video, they have stated that one of the primary reasons they launched Tabfund was to shed light on the importance of research funding. They stated that despite the significance of research and development, it doesn’t get as much funding resulting in a lot of projects not materializing due to lack of funds.

“The digital platform challenges the preconceived notions of research and reframes it as a place of play, imagination and optimism. The mechanism and technology that Tabfund is leveraging is free from complexity. It’s simple to join and easy to use, becoming an integral part of our daily lives online,” Tabfund said in a press statement.

On its website, it also stated that one of its primary partners is the Institute for Research and Innovation in Health at University of Porto in Portugal, where entitled in its partnership benefit the installation of a laboratory area devoted exclusively to the detection, study and advancement of new solutions to tackle COVID-19 and future emerging pathogens.

Meanwhile, entitled in Superunion’s partnership with Tabfund is to freshen, restructure and consolidate its brand strategy and design. Both companies have shared the belief Tabfund’s mission and its unique place is a fundamentally important idea and solution in today’s society. This shared understanding also encompassed the acknowledgment of the important role that clear and appealing communication has in raising research.