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SG tech firm RADX launches first-ever licensed VR expo platform

Singapore – Software development and technology services firm RADX has launched its first-ever licensed virtual reality (VR) expo platform, and is first used in Smart ConnecTech Asia 2020 in Singapore.

The recent platform launch is in response to offering flexibility and scalability in launching trade shows, conventions, or conferences for exhibitors and attendees, especially with social distancing restrictions brought by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Users may set first their own avatar in the virtual platform, just as role-playing games (RPG) do. Within the virtual environment, users can enjoy interaction with other users and exchange name cards, chat or call via voice or video call. Furthermore, attendees may also attend live webinars and their respective open forum parts.

On the other hand, conference exhibitors can also launch virtual trade shows within the virtual platform, with integrated company branding. Exhibitors can also experience integrated lead generation for their exhibits, both on email and social media marketing strategy. The platform is also licensed under a service type platform (SaaS), which means organizers can set up their conferences efficiently and can run up for weeks.

“While the global events and exhibition industry has taken a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, exacerbated by the closure of borders and restrictions in travelling, as well as social distancing requirements, the use of virtual reality in such events can help businesses in ensuring the continuity of their operations. This makes RADX 3D VR conference an innovative tool for collaboration with every customer and partner, without sacrificing the visitor experience,” Rob Chong, founder and CEO of RADX said.