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P&G’s Oral-B Kids Australia encourages fun brushing habits in new campaign

Sydney, Australia – Procter & Gamble’s oral hygiene brand Oral-B Kids in Australia has launched a playful creative campaign titled ‘Brushtime Tales’, with the aim to drive education of fun and effective brushing habits in children.

Done in collaboration with creative digital production agency MediaMonks, ‘Brushtime Tales’ is a platform idea that uses the power of storytelling to turn the mundane routine of tooth brushing into tales of wonder and adventure.

The agency produced an animated film for YouTube and animated bumpers to fuel a sequential targeting media strategy on YouTube. Each tale transformed the boring routine of tooth brushing into immersive tales, such as finding the great pie robbery to fighting monsters with a bristle sword. 

In addition, the tales also have a different educational oral care message including the proper brushing technique with an electric ‘power brush’, two minutes of brushing, and using a pea-sized amount of paste. 

MediaMonks’ Creative Director Kim Jerbo said, “Every element of this creative was developed at MediaMonks from concept to character development and film. Results are extremely positive with content performing 7 percentage points above industry benchmarks set.”

Meanwhile, Shea Warnes, the strategy director at MediaMonks ANZ, shared that when kids spot a lecture coming they are quick to mentally retreat, so if they are to educate kids on good brushing habits, they need to be fun and engaging rather than authoritative. 

“Stories have always played a powerful role in helping us share knowledge, emotions, hopes, and beliefs. For kids, tales of wonder supported children learn about and navigate the world. So we wanted to use tales as tools,” said Warnes.