New York, USA – As adtech Criteo recently unveiled its plans on the future roadmap of the open internet, the company has also revealed its latest brand revamp, speaking to the company’s commitment to supporting a fair and open internet that enables discovery, innovation, and choice.

Part of the brand revamp includes a new logo, visual identity, and brand positioning called ‘The Future is Wide Open’. Criteo notes also that the new brand revamp speaks to the vast opportunity the company can capitalize on as it prepares for the future of advertising without cookies.

The new logo brings the two dots previously connected at the top right of the logo to the center of the new logo to better represent consumers and its customers, who are the centerpiece of the company’s product strategy to offer the world’s leading commerce media platform. In addition, the two dots now include open space, a nod to both discovery and openness as the company invites its audience in and balances a strong legacy, visualized with a bolder font, with modern capabilities. 

The visual changes were developed by Criteo’s marketing team, in partnership with creative and innovation agency, Technology, Humans And Taste (THAT), who consulted on the brand positioning. 

“The time is right for a new brand identity and rally cry, as we use our massive strength in data and technology to reestablish Criteo’s leadership within the advertising industry and set an optimistic tone for the future of the open internet, for everyone,” said Megan Clarken, chief executive officer at Criteo

Speaking about the tagline, Todd Parsons, chief product officer at Criteo noted that they are pertaining to the tremendous possibilities Criteo’s unique dataset presents for improving every consumer experience on the open internet. In addition, he notes that despite cookies going away, they view it as an opportunity to evolve their product strategy to deliver greater benefits than ever to consumers and to their customers.

Meanwhile, Kenneth Pao, executive managing director for Asia Pacific at Criteo, commented that Criteo’s brand revamp will push the company’s operations to continue to innovate their product and solutions to serve this diverse market, and are committed to working with their customers and partners who navigate the evolving challenges of the industry.

“We remain optimistic that we will transform experiences alongside our regional ecosystem with an ever-growing dataset. Ultimately, delivering greater values to our customers, and their consumers,” Pao stated.

To announce the new brand and share more details around its business transformation, Criteo held a virtual investor day, which discussed topics such as commentaries and presentation from the Criteo C-Suite team, strategies for their commerce media platform, and partner panel that discussed commerce media opportunities and consisted of key marketers and media owners across Criteo’s suite of solutions. 

Just this year, Criteo’s presence in the Asia Pacific has been bolstered with partnerships to infiltrate the APAC market. This includes their appointment of Httpool as official ad sales partner in India and Indonesia, as well as its partnership with Mediadonuts for their Vietnam market expansion.