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BMW China’s latest campaign spreads ‘sheer joy’ this CNY

Shanghai, China – To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, automotive manufacturer BMW in China has launched a new campaign, with the aim to bring sheer joy to all its customers across the country.

BMW said that its Chinese name ‘Bao Ma’ translates to ‘precious horse’, and the campaign is a visual feast of the ‘precious horse’ celebrating and welcoming the Year of the Tiger, an animal known for its vibrancy, playfulness, and bravery, as well as power.

The campaign, which was created in collaboration with creative production agency TBWA\BOLT and artists from Real Good Studio, utilises various visual and audio elements amplifying ‘Hu’ or Tiger in Chinese and ‘Ma’, the ‘precious horse in Chinese, to represent the Year of the Tiger.

Titled ‘Nothing but sheer joy’, the campaign seeks to brighten and entertain, bringing a lighthearted smile to the audience wherever they are during this festive season, veering away from seasonal campaign stereotypes of heavy-hearted emotional family reunions and CNY messages.

Stephane Koeppel, BMW China’s VP of brand and marketing, said “The campaign brings an unexpected and unique perspective to Chinese New Year celebrations by bringing together the dynamic and complementary characteristics of these two auspicious animals.”

Meanwhile, Mo Chen, BMW China’s executive creative director, explains that the campaign injects a sense of joy, which is at the centre of BMW’s brand, together with the Tiger to deliver an entertaining creatively unique experience.

“No tears, no pressure, nothing but sheer joy to welcome in the Year of the Tiger,” said Chen.

The campaign kicked off last 27 January, and was launched in cinemas and across social media including Weibo, China’s Tiktok, and Bilibili, as well as BMW’s own channels. The scope also includes films, posters, and consumer engagement via a user-generated content (UGC) component where the audience is invited to join, create, and deliver their individual interpretations of joy during the celebration.

In addition, the campaign includes a physical set of limited designed collectables including Red Packets and Spring Festival Scrolls, which can be accessed via BMW China’s official app.