Taipei, Taiwan — Taiwan’s leading telecommunications group Taiwan Mobile announced that it has executed a strategic investment into SoundOn Global, a podcast platform and the only Chinese Language hosting partner of Apple Podcast based in the country.

Andy Huang, CEO of SoundOn Global, commented, “SoundOn Global is committed to connecting the world through audio and we are very excited to be working with Taiwan Mobile to achieve this. We look forward to working closely with Taiwan Mobile on content diversity, marketing, monetization and more, to usher in the golden era of the audio entertainment market.”

SoundOn Global provides consumers with a selection of audio products, namely podcast originals, podcast hosting services, social audio entertainment platforms, podcast players, and 360° audio advertising services. In 2021, the podcast platform acquired Goodnight, the region’s leading social audio service and expanded its audio products beyond podcasts.

MyMusic, Taiwan Mobile’s audio-streaming service subsidiary currently has more than 6 million registered users, where according to its data, 82% listen to both music and podcasts, with  90% of its top programs hosted on SOG. Through the partnership with SOG, the podcast platform’s programs would be added into MyMusic’s audio library, giving MyMusic’s consumers access to listen to a wide selection of audio products. 

Through the collaboration, the number of podcast programs on MyMusic is estimated to grow by 20% and the number of podcast episode listens is estimated to grow by 40%.

Jamie Lin, president of Taiwan Mobile, commented that Taiwan Mobile is committed to bringing the world’s best technology applications and entertainment services to Taiwan’s consumers. The company sees great potential in the global podcast and audio market.

“Since the launch of ‘Podcast Zone’ on MyMusic in 2020, the platform now has more than 1 million episodes which help to drive continuous growth in the number of registered users and number of podcast/music listens. We expect that, through our partnership with SoundOn Global, both platforms will be able to share resources, create synergies, attract more talented creators, and jointly lead the positive development of podcast and audio entertainment industry,” Lin said.