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Expert Up Close: Manisha Seewal, chief marketing officer at Gumtree Australia

In an interview with Manisha Seewal, chief marketing officer at Gumtree Australia, she shared her marketing journey and her experience in overcoming preconceptions about all women working in the automotive industry.

“It was my love for cars and technology that made me take a leap of faith and join Carro, which was a young startup in 2018. I wanted to be part of a change where we use data and technology to remove human bias from car buying and selling,” she shared in the ‘Empowered Women’ interview.

Manisha emphasised, “I think that’s the main reason why we need more women to join the industry so we can start changing the narrative.”

During the conversation with Manisha, we asked about her top leadership strategies in ensuring a successful marketing business of a brand, she shared, “[My] top leadership strategies are: Clarity in communication, leaning on your team and enabling them rather than being too prescriptive, owning up if we make a mistake – leaders are just normal people. We should not shy away from owning up if we make a wrong decision, call it out, learn from it and move on.”

“I think it’s important because as leaders, we lean a lot on our teams, to be able to buy into the vision that we have to be able to drive the strategies together and really grow the business together. So clarity and communication are important,” Manisha adds.

Listen to the full conversation with Manisha Seewal over on Spotify, where she discussed the changes in the automotive industry due to COVID-19. Hear her insights about trends that would shape the future and her advice for marketers who want to be part of the automotive industry. You may also view the highlights of the conversation on YouTube.

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