Hong Kong Global financial services company Mastercard has recently launched a concept restaurant named ‘LUMA’ alongside Hong-Kong based F&B group LUBUDS within the 1881 Heritage site, a first for the company in Asia-Pacific.

Opening exclusively to Mastercard cardholders beginning 29 June, diners at LUMA can look forward to enjoying a tantalizing multi-course fusion tasting menu that will be designed – and constantly refreshed – by a rotating roster of LUBUDS Group’s acclaimed chefs. As masters of their craft, they will interpret the radiance and distinct flavours of Asian, Chinese and European favourites and signature dishes in their unique styles.

The name LUMA – an amalgamation of the words LUBUDS and Mastercard – is described by the brand as an uplifting and easy-to-pronounce name by speakers of many languages. A derivative of the word luminous, LUMA evokes light, radiance, and illumination. An apt name for a venue designed to spotlight the mastery of Hong Kong’s homegrown culinary talents while it also welcomes the electric energy that guest chefs will contribute, starting with the Michelin-starred Bjoern Alexander in August 2023.

The LUMA complex also houses multiple spaces: an elegant, intimate dining room that seats up to 60 people, a cocktail bar, a dedicated art space, and a breezy balcony overlooking Hong Kong’s spectacular skyline.

Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer at Mastercard, said, “At Mastercard, we strive to bring people closer to their passions – and each other. Food transports us to new places, delivering unforgettable experiences as we explore different cultures and regions through taste. This is why we are thrilled to extend our culinary footprint with LUMA in Hong Kong, bringing truly special experiences to cardholders from around the world.”

Meanwhile, Louie Chung, group founder at LUBUDS Group, commented, “Since teaming up with Mastercard, it has been an honour to welcome Mastercard cardholders to dozens of LUBUDS venues across Hong Kong to enjoy special dining privileges, surprises, and priceless culinary experiences. Mastercard and LUBUDS are passionate about supporting Hong Kong’s economic and cultural revival and making a distinctive contribution to its dynamic food scene. With the launch of LUMA, we’re taking our collaboration to the next level to give culinary connoisseurs from around the world more of what they crave – the finest food and novel experiences in a stunning venue.”