Seoul, South Korea – The majority of brands have acquired technology to charm more consumers, which resulted in the latest trend of virtual influencers. Joining the hype, South Korea’s red ginseng company, Korea Ginseng Corp. (KGC), has appointed Rozy, a virtual human, to be its exclusive model for its products. 

‘Rozy’ is designed with 3D technology by analysing the face and characteristics, and like ordinary influencers, she uploads photos of her daily life and actively communicates with her fans via comments on Instagram.

The appointment is in line with KGC’s brand concept of its product. The company believes that Rozy’s lively and youthful image will engage many youth, as its products are especially targeting the Millenial Z generation, who seeks a unique experience.

According to KGC, as women’s social status increased, economic activity became more active, and interest in health and self-management increased. This led women to begin taking care of their own health by focusing on value consumption and maintaining self-management. In addition, after the corona crisis, ‘self-medication’, which manages one’s own health through steady exercise and intake of health functional foods, became very popular among the Millenial Z generation, which is commonly referred to as Koreans in their 20s and 30s.

“Red ginseng is a representative health functional food that has been loved in Korea for a long time. Through the process in which ginseng is made from red ginseng, its efficacy is enriched and it is upgraded to be able to be stored for a long time,” said KGC in a press statement.

The company added that this move will enable them to communicate with a wider customer base together with Rozy.

In July 2021, Shinhan Life, along with advertising agency TBWA\Korea, was the first one to rope in Rozy for a brand campaign.