Singapore – Signet Armorlite AMERA, the parent company of KODAK Lens, has chosen Asian digital marketing agency Lion & Lion to manage and develop its social media communications globally. Lion & Lion is headquartered in Malaysia with offices in Singapore and Indonesia. The selection by the global brand has specifically called on the agency’s Singapore arm.

KODAK Lens is the prescription glasses brand of the main imaging technology brand KODAK and is a full-service prescription lens provider which offers consumers a wide range of lenses. 

Lion & Lion shared that the new integrated digital and social campaign it has conceptualized for the brand is designed to raise its brand awareness and to connect it with its target audience.

KODAK Lens’ brand promise is for consumers to “See the Colors of Life.” Cheelip Ong, regional chief creative officer at Lion & Lion, said that for the campaign, the agency will be using the theme of ‘the most vivid moments of life’ in which the colors of life will be “defined by the moments and emotions that are seen vividly through the eyes of KODAK Lens’ users.”

“We want our audience to experience how KODAK Lens can help them see the joyful moments of life with even more sharpness and vividness, by presenting life’s big moments, giant gestures, and grand emotions with memorability and clarity,” said Ong. 

Lion & Lion Singapore is inked to execute a one-year social media campaign in the different markets of KODAK Lens, such as Southeast Asia, China, Africa, Russia, and more. The content developed for the campaign was specifically selected for its relevance across different cultures to provide easy adoption within each target market. 

Chien Chiang, managing director at Signet Armorlite AMERA, commented on what made them choose Lion & Lion. 

“[The agency] presented a creative solution that was very much aligned with what we wanted to showcase globally for KODAK Lens, namely clarity, vividness, and celebrating the possibilities that life has to offer.”

Chiang added, “Furthermore, their expertise in relating to a digital generation means that they will be able to build and strengthen that essential emotive connection internationally while staying true to the KODAK brand legacy.”

Meanwhile, Steven Ghoos, managing director of the agency’s arm in Singapore, opined, “We are excited to work with a world-class brand like KODAK Lens, bringing the product experience to life through emotional storytelling. With the fast-paced social media and digital revolution that we are living in, the emotionality of being able to share life’s moments, big and small, is even more relevant today and we look forward to helping KODAK Lens tell that story.”