Perak, Malaysia – In a move towards a cashless society in the Malaysian state of Perak, Malaysian fintech startup KiplePay and local holdings Digital Perak recently collaborated for the development of a unified payment platform for cashless convenience among citizens and merchants for their government and business transactions.

For the initial phase, citizens can pay for their availed services within the locality through the Digital Perak web portal. Services include training courses, co-working space, computer lab, and office service rental on local multimedia hub Hub Innovasi and Multimedia (HiM). They can also pay for services such as asset booking, quit rent and summon payment with agencies, municipal councils, and other Government Linked Companies (GLC) within the state.

As for businesses, those that are registered under S.M.A.R.T Niaga@Perak, Digital Perak’s program for trading items locally, may now provide cashless transactions for in-store and online transactions. Merchants may also use KiplePay’s merchant app for in-store transactions, while online transactions are processed through theKipleBiz Unified Payment platform. Said platform will support multiple gateway payment services, including online banking, e-wallet, and debit/credit card.

“Today’s collaboration with KiplePay is part of our effort towards achieving the aspiration of the national policy on Industrial Revolution 4.0 to automate all services of the state government via the internet. A seamless transition is important as it involves all stakeholders in the state and this will set the benchmark for digital transformation agenda for the businesses and government services,” said Meor Rezal Fitri bin Dato’ Dr Hj Meor Redwan, chief executive officer of Digital Perak