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Domino’s makes an ‘apology’ video in humorous new campaign, teases new savings innovation launch

Sydney, Australia – In collaboration with creative agency It’s Friday, popular pizza brand Domino’s in Australia released a nationwide campaign, featuring its Group CEO and Managing Director Don Meij making an apology for bombarding people with deals.

Of course, presented only as a humorous hit, the campaign tackles the dilemma of Domino’s ‘hard-to-keep-track-of’ deals across Australia and New Zealand. With the creative narrative in place, Domino’s Australia announces the launch of a new money-saving technology innovation which is set to be released on December 12 this year. 

The tech is expected to help resolve the experience for customers and make it easier to save, store, and redeem all of Domino’s deals in the future.

Adam Ballesty, CMO of Domino’s ANZ, said they are ‘obsessed’ with listening to their customers, which pushes them to transform the deal redemption experience. 

Vince Lagana, chief creative officer of It’s Friday, also said, “The teaser’s a fun way to remind people that Domino’s are unbeatable when it comes to offering great value by recognising that it’s near impossible to keep track of all their deals. But they’re going to keep coming, so we’re making sure people know they’ll soon be able to get those deals, without the ordeal.”

Meanwhile, Pete Bosilkovski, CEO of It’s Friday, added, “It’s refreshing to work with a company that isn’t afraid to be authentic and lead by example. Having the ‘big cheese’ apologise nationally about the sheer number of deals is massive. Says a lot about this company.”

Domino’s Australia has also previously released a 3-minute film titled ‘Hot & Fresh’, which launched across TV, YouTube, digital, and social platforms in the ANZ region.

Marketing Featured ANZ

Investment provider CFS launches new campaign to help people on their last ‘hurrah’ for the year

Australia – The year-end is as important as ringing in the new year when it comes to our financial plans, and Aussie-based investment provider Colonial First State (CFS) want to be of help by reminding people of its ‘pro-grade’ financial products amidst the second half of the year. 

In partnership with creative agency It’s Friday, CFS launches a campaign with four films, each focussed on someone with a specific financial investment ambition. 

Seemingly resigned to limited options, individuals in the film are challenged by an enthusiastic, motivational figure, who grandly reveals the CFS pro-grade choice that could fulfil their investment ambitions.

One of the four films in the campaign.

Josh Grace, chief customer officer of CFS, said it’s time to break the perception that only a select few can access the world’s best investment managers. 

“CFS want Australians to know that they don’t have to be held back. No matter their life stage or goals, we have pro-grade investment choices that will open their eyes to bigger and better ways to unleash the potential of their money,” said Grace. 

Pete Bosilkovski, CEO of It’s Friday, commented, “Surprisingly many Aussies have a passive relationship with their finances. It’s often left in the too hard basket or has a misconnection that you can’t get access to the best products that can make your money work harder for you. Yet, most Aussies want to unleash boldly in their second half but fall short on making it happen.” 

“Sometimes all people need is a little encouragement and motivation to stir something deep inside them and see the light. That’s the genius thing about this campaign. Earlier this year, we reframed retirement inspiring Aussies to unleash their second half. Now, we inspire Aussies on how they can make it happen with pro-grade product choices in investment, superannuation, and retirement that CFS FirstChoice has to offer them,” he added.

Chief Creative Officer Vince Lagana also said, “Retail investment messages are often quite straight and bland. But CFS’s pro-grade choices aren’t ordinary choices. They deserve a grand introduction that excites people. While also serving to remind them that CFS isn’t just there for retirement planning. It’s for every life stage and every investor who wants to thrive.” 

Last March, CFS came out with its very first ad campaign, also developed by It’s Friday. Alongside this, the financial services launched a new brand platform. 

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This campaign by a wealth management group encourages Aussies to rethink retirement

Australia — The wealth management group, Colonial First State (CFS), is encouraging Aussies to change their perception of retirement, turning it from a perceived ‘ending’ to an opportunity to unleash their ‘second half’. The company has collaborated with their newly appointed creative agency, It’s Friday, to deliver a new brand platform and TTL campaign entitled ‘Unleash Your Second Half’ surrounding this message.

The campaign focuses on asking pre-retirees an important and unexpected inquiry, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” It’s a question normally asked of the young but is given surprising new relevance when put to ambitious Australians about to embark on their second half. Each character we see in the TV spots has a vision for their future that will give them as much, if not more, purpose than their working life.

Todd Stevenson, chief customer officer at CFS, says that the new campaign created by It’s Friday recognises that, for many Australians, retirement isn’t what it used to be and when planned for, it can be an exciting new time of personal growth, achievement, and purpose.

“A time when people often have more freedom to pursue things that are meaningful to them, but not necessarily what they did in their first half. CFS wants to celebrate that and help Australians make it as great as it should be and recognise the important role that a financial adviser can play,” Stevenson said.

More recently, Australian pre-retirees are rejecting their established notion of retirement. Many are entering this new phase of life on their own terms, injecting it with new purpose and a desire for ongoing fulfilment and meaning. To them, retirement is the beginning of their second half.

Vince Lagana, chief creative officer of It’s Friday, added, “It’s exciting to take a category that often feels passive and cliché and inject new energy into it by flipping the traditional Message.”

He continued, “Some retirees may want to sail off into the sunset and take long walks on a beach, and all too often that’s how older people are depicted in advertising, but retirement doesn’t have to be that. It can be a chance to rediscover your youthful exuberance and try new things. Acknowledging this will be a breath of fresh air for many pre-retirees, while repositioning CFS as the brand dedicated to making it happen.”

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Advertiser trio venture into launch of new agency It’s Friday

Sydney, Australia Former CEO at Clemengert BBDO Sydney, Pete Bosilkovski, alongside former ECD at The Monkeys, Vince Lagana, and former creative and marketing operations lead at Clemengert BBDO Sydney, Jeremy De Villiers, have joined forces to launch a new agency, It’s Friday that will offer a connected service offering across creativity, media, CX and PR. The trio underscores the strengths of their combined experiences and their chemistry having worked together for over 10 years, as well as their philosophy that ‘Energy powers brands’.

Aside from his role at Clemenger BBDO Sydney, Bosilkovski also held leadership roles at VMLY&R and Leo Burnett Sydney. Meanwhile, Lagana also held roles at Leo Burnett Sydney and spent two years at Goodby Silverstein & Partners San Francisco. Lastly, De Villiers also led operations at The C Suite, VMLY&R, and Leo Burnett.

Bosilkovski shared his thoughts on the new agency, saying, “Just as Friday the day evokes that positive, memorable and energetic feeling, we believe brands fuelled with energy have the potential to leave behind a strong feeling or memory too. A brand that is charged with energy, will build brand value for consumers, meaning it helps build preference, advocacy and increases selection at the point of purchase.’’

He also commented regarding his team said, “Vinnie, Jez and I have worked in some of the best and most awarded creative companies in the world. After running companies for nearly a decade, it’s been a dream to build our own brand with like-minded people who deeply care about the type of product we put out to the world. Although we’re launching in a pandemic, we felt the time was right. In fact, it was one of the drivers behind the name and philosophy of It’s Friday.”

Meanwhile, Lagana commented on the partnership with his long time co-workers.

“I’m fortunate to have worked with some of the best talents in the industry and I’m excited to now call two of the very best my business partners. This has been a long time coming for Bos, Jez and me. They are the embodiment of the energy we want to bring to everything we do and true champions of our creative offering. Our independent It’s Friday free spirit allows us to do things our way, to question what seems unquestionable which in turn leads to braver creative work for our clients and a happier work environment.”

Another member of the trio, De Villiers, shared his excitement on the process, saying that they want to ensure that their offering impacts a brand’s energy in a connected way, from day dot. He also added that the beauty of what they are building is that they have no obstacles in their way. 

”Our aim is to be able to shape brand experiences across owned, earned and paid with equal energy, and operate at the speed of an independent. The latter excites us, in particular when you work with brands that need to thrive in high paced, fiercely competitive categories. Over the years, we’ve worked with the biggest brands and most complex business models. This has shaped the orientation of our business model to work in any business category and offer the relevant services across the entire customer journey,” De Villiers said.

It’s Friday will be launching with iconic fast food brand Domino’s as its founding client.

Adam Ballesty, chief marketing officer at Domino ANZ, commented, “I couldn’t be more excited to appoint It’s Friday as our new creative agency. Their creative horsepower talent with Vinnie and Jez is simply the best all-rounder and ops person I have ever come across and the industry all know I have had a big crush on what Pete brings to the table for a long time.” 

He added, “I still haven’t met a person that fights for an epic idea more than Pete. This team is part of our team like I have never seen. I’m thrilled to be able to work with Its Friday alongside my passionate and energizer bunny team to propel Domino’s into the next stage of growth and success. Watch this space!”

It’s Friday has recently appointed a head of strategy whose identity is to be announced imminently.