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The Diary Of A CEO podcast features ‘marketing genius’ of Nike

United Kingdom – Podcast ‘The Diary Of A CEO’ hosted by British entrepreneur and TV personality Steven Bartlett features Greg Hoffman, former chief marketing officer at Nike, and author of Emotion By Design in an interview to share his journey and expertise in the industry. 

In an interview with Bartlett, Hoffman shares his story of having experienced racial abuse in kindergarten, finding out who his real family were only 18 months ago, and scaling the ladder at Nike leading its global marketing for almost 30 years. 

Hoffman also shares how to be a devoted leader, and how to deal with the stresses of high-level executive roles, because when it’s your job to find ways to connect ideas with other people, you first have to connect those ideas to yourself. 

On the success of Nike, Greg Hoffman, ex-CMO at Nike, said, “The best marketing teams are able to get under the surface of a human being, and find the deeper truth. And they reveal it through storytelling. See what others see, find what others don’t.”

According to Hoffman, Nike was really the only brand that was putting people of colour in their communication. He also advised entrepreneurs to really build their brand elements. Hoffman also shares his mantra, “Your authenticity is your cultural currency. The minute your audience can no longer see your original pursuit, they partner with someone else.” 

Meanwhile, Steven Bartlett, entrepreneur and host of The Diary Of A CEO, said, “If you work in marketing, own a business, work with brands or are building your own brand this is a must watch. The knowledge, wisdom and experience Greg has to share is so unique and so beneficial to all. For me there was one particular analogy that I can’t stop thinking about. Trust me when I say you’re going to want to grab a pen and paper for this one.”

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