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The Body Shop Australia, Minus18 launches survey to boost the voices of young LGBTQIA+ people

Australia — A national survey has been launched by The Body Shop Australia and Australia-based LGBTQIA+ youth advocate Minus18 to highlight the young queer people and their allies’ plight for inclusion.

The survey aims to boost the voices of young LGBTQIA+ people who too often are sidelined from conversations and decisions that directly impact their lives. It will underscore issues they face today, ranging from support their school or workplace gives, to sex education, gender-affirming surgery, safe spaces, and thoughts on the efforts of Australian leaders to support their community.

Simultaneously, full-service earned media agency One Green Bean (OGB) is driving awareness of the survey and donation from highlighter sales through media outreach and an influencer program across Instagram and TikTok. Influencers including @stylebydeni, @kathebbs, @alrighthey and @seanszeps will share posts encouraging their followers to take part in the survey.

The survey is open until March 15, 2022. The results will inform future Minus18 campaigns and events and will be published in a report later this year to further amplify the voices of these young people. Interested individuals can participate in the campaign through the campaign’s designated website (

Meanwhile, an integrated campaign by Havas Village, ‘Out for Love’, is highlighting the work of the said survey. The campaign’s strategic media planning and buying will go through Havas Media Melbourne. In addition, its media outreach and influencer activities will be done via OGB.

Havas Media Melbourne has engaged entertainment website Pedestrian TV as part of a media campaign to help pass the mic to LGBTQIA+ youth communities. The campaign has also been integrated into episodes 3 and 8 of the 10-part TikTok series entitled ‘Self Care’, produced by production company Slag Productions in partnership with The Body Shop and a leading influencer.

Simone Gupta, CEO of Havas PR Australia responsible for One Green Bean, Red Havas, and Organic Pacific, said, “OGB is proud to be working on this important campaign with The Body Shop and Minus18, we’re getting the word out to drive participation in what we want to be the biggest ever survey of the LGBTQIA+ community and allies in Australia, assembling a team of influencers and executing a product-led media strategy to spread the word.”

Naomi Johnston, general manager of Havas Media Melbourne,
shared the work aligned with Havas Village values, further saying, “The Havas Group is a strong supporter of diversity and inclusion. It is a privilege to be able to apply that commitment to the ‘Out for Love’ campaign by driving media activity that speaks directly to young LGBTQIA+ communities and their allies.”

Meanwhile, Shannon Chrisp, APAC brand and activism director of The Body Shop Australia, commented that The Body Shop is a brand rooted in activism and a proud ally of the LGBTQIA+ community.

“LGBTQIA+ Australians are too often excluded from the conversations that most affect them, so we are very proud to be working with Minus18 on this important campaign to amplify the community and allies’ voices, and support the next generation of queer leaders,” Chrisp said.

Last December, The Body Shop and Havas Village also collaborated to launch a Christmas campaign entitled ‘Spread the Love, Share the Joy This Christmas.’

Marketing Featured ANZ

The Body Shop Australia launches new Christmas campaign with Havas Village

Australia – As the Christmas countdown begins, beauty brand The Body Shop launches an integrated Christmas campaign to inspire customers to spread joy with purposeful gifts that give back through.

Developed together with Havas Group agencies, the new campaign aims to expand The Body Shop’s global self-love campaign that encourages customers to be ‘kind’ to themselves and to inspire ‘selfless love’ to others. 

Titled ‘Spread the Love, Share the Joy This Christmas’, the positive activism campaign includes strategic media planning and buying through Havas Media Melbourne, earned and influencer via One Green Bean (OGB) with creative by Marilyn & Sons.

The media features high-impact formats on CTV and BVOD across YouTube and Spotify, and sponsorship of brand-aligned podcasts, as well as content partnerships with publishers. A full-funnel social strategy has been put in place to ensure the ‘Spread the Love. The ‘ Share the Joy’ message dominated Instagram and Facebook, while a competition, which invites customers to nominate someone who brought them joy in 2021, was designed to drive audiences to The Body Shop’s Joy Hub platform.

Shannon Chrisp, The Body Shop’s brand and activism director for APAC, shared that since its global ‘Self Love Movement’, the brand has encouraged many people to embark on a journey toward self-love. 

“As an activist brand, we advocate the idea that you must first love and honor yourself in order to give back to the world and create true change. And now, we are asking our joyful collective to channel their self-love into selfless acts of love and kindness – to flip their internal focus outward in order to spark a joy movement this holiday season,” said Chrisp.

The campaign’s creative leads feature a colorful 30-second video that puts a lively spin on the illustrated global creative, using animation over live-action to spotlight acts of kindness and giving from friends, teammates, and strangers.

The multi-faceted earned and influencer approach also saw The Body Shop join forces with ‘Joy Squad’ ambassadors and charity partner Little Dreamers to shine a light on the estimated one in 10 selfless children and young adults in Australia who provide unpaid care to a family member.

Caitlin Huskins, Havas Media’s digital integration director for Melbourne, shared that in creating the work, they needed to ensure that the brand is able to stimulate real connections through the activation plan.

“A collaborative effort through Havas Media, OGB and Marilyn & Sons to build a meaningful plan through joyful creative, influencer content and media partnerships has built a true connection with our target audience, encouraging viewers to share joy to more than one through The Body Shop,” said Huskins.

Meanwhile, Hannah Stalder, One Green Bean’s head of creative services, said, “We set up a diverse and creative Joy Squad of ambassadors including media personality Abbie Chatfield, comedian and singer Em Rusciano, LGBTQIA+ activist Deni Todorovic, and Indigenous Healer Allira Potter. Through the content, they share their missions to spark a joy revolution via in-person surprise and delight and online activity, and encourage others to do the same by joining the movement on the online Joy Hub.”

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Amazon Alexa & Devices shows off Alexa’s Aussie lingo via new campaign with Havas Village

Australia – To demonstrate the new Aussie language prowess of Amazon Alexa, advertising group Havas Village has launched a new integrated campaign, establishing Alexa’s place in Australian culture and conversation.

The initiative aims to raise awareness for Alexa and devices in Australia following the addition of a stack of new Aussie lingo to her vocabulary, including ‘yeah’, ‘nah’, and ‘mozzie’, as well as ‘barbie’, and ‘bucket down’. 

The digital-first campaign was created by One Green Bean (OGB), the PR and social agency by Havas that was responsible for the creative idea, PR and influencer elements, strategy through Havas Labs, with creative execution and production via Host/Havas, while the media was through the global Amazon agency, Rufus.

Titled ‘Aussies get Alexa. Because Alexa gets Aussies.’, the six 30-second creative executions feature media personality Sophie Monk and comedy duo The Inspired Unemployed in their homes teaching Alexa some of Australia’s most distinctive and unique phrases.

Jen Beirne, Amazon Alexa & Devices’ head of marketing, commented it is exciting to be collaborating with true blue Aussies to develop a fun campaign that helps demonstrate just how Australian Alexa has become, and she is certainly learned a lot in the last three years down under, and following the campaign launch, more are speaking with Alexa like a mate.

“From the comments and feedback shared by our customers and community post-launch, the fun and engaging nature of the campaign is exactly what we all need right now,” said Beirne.

Meanwhile, Simone Gupta, the CEO at Havas PR Australia, said, “The campaign shows an idea can come from anywhere and flourish through collaboration between our Village agencies, with the idea developed within One Green Bean and expertly executed by our partners at Host/Havas.”

Jon Austin, Host/Havas’ executive creative director, shared, “Working with our Village mates to combine brilliant talent and brilliant tech has been a deadset bottler.”

The campaign, which kicked off last 20 September 2021, is available for three weeks across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.