Manila, Philippines – Drive-in cinema, which is the outdoor screening of movies, has been all the rage this pandemic, when enclosed risky theatres were taken out of the picture. In the Philippines, one upscale mall has decided to take a spin-off, announcing the launch of a float-in cinema – which will be the country’s first-ever and only cinema of the type.

The mall is Venice Grand Canal Mall in Taguig City, which is Italy-inspired, housing an indoor dupe of the famous water-traffic corridor Grand Canal from the city of Venice, which will obviously be the location of the upcoming float-in cinema.

Its parent cinema brand Megaworld Cinemas posted the initial announcement on Facebook, revealing the opening to be in December with no specific date yet.

According to, admission is priced at P500 per person, which already includes a medium popcorn and bottled water. Each gondola or the iconic boat used to sail in the canal can fit up to two people. Movies will be projected on a 12.7 m x 6.7 m giant screen along the Grand Canal; and for a better experience, personal earphones will be plugged into the gondolas.

Tickets can be availed through Megaworld Cinema’s website.