Australia – The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Australia, a peak trade association for digital advertising in Australia, has launched a new industry training program for marketers seeking to understand and make better use of the affiliate and partnership sector. 

The affiliate and partnership marketing training program is offered free of charge in an online format and is an ideal resource for those who are new to this form of digital marketing, as well as anyone currently involved in it. It has been developed by the IAB Australia Affiliate Marketing Working Group.

The program covers the basics of affiliate and partnership marketing, including a market overview, key players, affiliate kinds, and best practices. There is also useful information on technology and tracking, best use of data, and how these relate to the latest privacy regulations.

The course outline contains the following topics: What is Affiliate and Partnership Marketing, Strategy and Best Practice, Working with Affiliate Partners, Choosing the Right Affiliate, Technology and Tracking, Data, Privacy, and Regulation.

Gai Le Roy, CEO of IAB Australia, said that brands seeking to launch affiliate and partnership marketing programs face an ever-evolving landscape of opportunities and a creative and diverse ecosystem that touches on many points in a customer’s journey. 

“Our training program will deliver a thorough exploration of the landscape and deliver a useful guide to best practice for both those new to the sector and those seeking to expand their knowledge,” Roy said.

The topics covered within the training have been influenced by the IAB Affiliate and Partnership Marketing Industry Review released earlier this year.