Singapore – Digital commerce enabler in SEA, Synagie, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Singapore Management University (SMU), aimed at co-developing digital education and training programmes. 

The programmes are specially designed to address the specific talent and skills shortages faced by the technology and e-commerce sector in the region. It seeks to upskill over 3,000 sector professionals by 2025. 

More than 60 SMU-certified programmes across seven areas of focus will be co-developed by SMU Academy (SMUA), the professional training arm of SMU and Synagie Commerce Academy (SCA). These include personal development, customer business development, channel development management, marketing and creative services, and supply chain operations, as well as customer engagement solutions, and business analytics solutions.

Complemented by SMUA’s highly interactive, collaborative, and project-based approach to learning, the modules delivered at SMUA will be taught by leading e-commerce and tech experts with industry experience. The programmes will be launched progressively in the latter part of this year. Participants, who will successfully complete the programme, will receive a certificate jointly issued by SMU and SCA.

Jack Lim, Singapore Management University Academy’s executive director, shared that the partnership with Synagie signifies their commitment to deepening collaboration and engagement with the industry to create practical learning programmes for adult learners who are looking to upskill and reskill. 

“Drawing from the proven andragogy expertise of SMU Academy and industry knowledge from Synagie, these programmes will serve to better equip the workforce with in-demand digital skills, eCommerce experience and bridge talent and skill gaps in this era of disruption,” said Lim.

Meanwhile, Olive Tai, Synagie’s managing director and co-founder, believes that to truly maintain their position as global leaders of the e-commerce sector, SEA’s e-commerce and tech players must come together to inspire and build the next generation of talent. 

“Synagie’s partnership with SMU marks significant milestones for two of the company’s stategic schemes – Synagie Commerce Academy (SCA) and Synagie Partner and Network (SPAN) – roadmapped to propel and future proof the Company position as Digitial Commerce’s leader and change agent for good,” said Tai.