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This online platform aims to democratize enterprise AI for SMEs

Singapore – While enterprise organizations can invest in large data storage and data management solutions, such a level of investment is often out of reach for smaller organizations; small- and medium-sized enterprises would still need analytics and AI to generate insights and drive value for their business. 

This is what Dataiku, the global advanced enterprise AI platform, aims to solve with the launch of its platform online. Through Dataiku Online, their AI and machine learning platform is made available as an online service, providing greater access to said services for smaller and more agile organizations.

Dataiku Online has all of the key capabilities of Dataiku’s flagship product – data preparation, data visualization, and AutoML, as well as reporting, and dashboards – with a few configurations and design tweaks to match its managed usage and without the IT resources required to manage an enterprise-scale deployment. 

Dataiku Interface Flow
Dataiku Interface Flow

The online platform aims to provide everything a company needs to build powerful analytics projects. With the new service, it offers teams a jumpstart on their data journey within minutes; to connect to their data sources easily and start deploying projects in days – one that they can do so at a price point that makes sense for their current stage of growth.

“Accessibility has always been of the utmost importance at Dataiku. We developed Dataiku Online to address the needs of small and midsize businesses, in addition to startups,” said Dataiku CEO Florian Douetteau

Douetteau added that it is in their belief that companies don’t need big data to do valuable things with their data, and Dataiku Online aims to make it easier for a whole new class of companies – from lean startups to scaling SMEs – to start.

“We want to help companies that are just beginning their data and analytics journey to access the full power of our platform, where they can start by enhancing their day-to-day operations with simple data tools and then take their data even further with machine learning,” Douetteau further said. 

In line with the new online platform, Dataiku is also launching an offer specifically for startups. Seed-stage companies – those less than two years old, or with $5m or less in funding – and startups founded less than five years ago or with less than $10m in funding can be eligible for discounted pricing specific to their current stage of growth.

Within Dataiku Online are integrated tools like modern cloud data stack and data storage tools from Snowflake, Google Big Query, Amazon Redshift, among others There is even a pre-integrated version of Dataiku Online available through the Snowflake Marketplace, the platform that provides access to the data cloud, creating a solution for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, and data science, among others. 

Dataiku was founded in 2013 with offices in New York, Paris, and London as well as Munich, Sydney, and Singapore.