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Cambodia’s ABA Bank reels in Forest Interactive as digital content partner

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Local-based ABA Bank has announced that it has signed in scalable mobile platform provider Forest Interactive as its digital content partner for the bank’s mobile banking app, ABA Mobile.

Through the partnership, ABA Bank will bring ABA Mobile users options to pay for digital vouchers by popular online entertainment and stores, including premium services like Amazon, Google Play Store, iTunes Store, Netflix, Spotify, Mobile Legends Diamonds, Rules of Survival, Roblox, and many more.

Said partnership, according to Soknang To, country manager at Forest Interactive Cambodia, coincides with the current state of Cambodia in regards to digital content consumption, where the country is growing as an emerging market for the digital content audience with over 21 million mobile connections as of January 2021.

“With these vouchers available on the ABA Mobile app, customers can purchase in-game credits and digital gift cards right from their mobile banking app. We are excited to plug in another connection with ABA Bank to make premium content services easily and securely available for Cambodians, thus boosting the Kingdom’s digital financial inclusion effort,” To stated.

Meanwhile, Zokhir Rasulov, chief digital officer at ABA Bank, commented that the partnership with Forest Interactive brings great value to ABA Mobile users, making payments for a variety of the world’s popular services just a few taps away.

“This is the result of how ABA closely monitors and listens to the needs of its clients. We will continue working hard to bring more useful features and services and make the financial life of Cambodians more convenient,” Rasulov said.

Forest Interactive’s Digital Voucher Platform (DVP) comes to the fore as a comprehensive, one-stop portal for vouchers on digital goods to cater to today’s growing smartphone users that prefer online purchases of goods and services. With DVP, users can enjoy a wide array of premium digital content services through simplified and secured payment processes.

Forest Interactive’s endeavor for content subscription strategies has been evident globally, as they announced its expansion to eight countries last year, namely Myanmar, Switzerland, Austria, Kuwait, and Kenya as well as Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia.

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

Kuala Lumpur-based Forest Interactive launches content subscription service to eight countries

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur-based developer of scalable mobile platforms Forest Interactive has partnered with mobile network operators in eight countries to launch content subscription services. The service will be available in Myanmar, Switzerland, Austria, Kuwait, and Kenya as well as Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia.

Forest Interactive’s value-added-services offer a variety of mixed content such as an HTML5 game portal with over 400 plus premium game titles, premium Android games, and mixed creative content. The platform will also offer gaming platforms Gamemania, Gamesrack, Gameddiction, Fun Club, Mobiclubs, and HaHey VDO.

Johary Mustapha, chief executive officer of Forest Interactive said, “The ongoing global crisis has led to an increase in demand for creative content, especially videos and mobile games. This has allowed us to continue doing what we do best and launching these partnerships with mobile operators worldwide.”

“Forest Interactive has been developing scalable platforms with simplified service integration, equipped with customizable features and fast upgrade capabilities to better tailor to mobile operators’ business requirements at no initial setup fee or hidden cost. This will help mobile operators increase their average revenue per user and customer loyalty through cost-effective and profitable solutions,” Mustapha continued.

All subscription-based content is available to mobile subscribers once it has been approved by mobile operators and integrations.