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Lion & Lion ushers blessed Year of the Tiger with new supersized chopsticks

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Digital-first agency Lion & Lion has launched its new ‘The Chopsticks of Roaring Fortune’, a pair of super-sized chopsticks, specially designed to take prosperity tosses to the next level this Chinese New Year. 

According to Lion & Lion, ‘lo hei’, which means ‘prosperity toss’ in English, is a staple ritual during the CNY gatherings in Malaysia and Singapore, which are performed using chopsticks with Yu Sheng – a salad comprising a mix of ingredients that symbolically represent blessings and good fortune. The aim of the ‘lo hei’ is to mix the ingredients together by scooping them up with one’s chopsticks and raising them as high as possible. Local Chinese tradition said that the higher the toss, the more luck one receives throughout the year. 

At 128 centimetres, the new ‘Chopsticks of Roaring Fortune’ are almost five times longer than an ordinary pair of chopsticks. While some improvisation in tossing technique is needed, the extra-long chopsticks will extend their user’s reach and allow for higher tosses of the Yu Sheng, and a more bountiful Year of the Tiger for the user. 

Each ‘Chopstick of Roaring Fortune’ has a delicate and smooth gold finish, as the auspicious colour may further aid in the generation of good fortune. A roaring tiger ready to pounce graces the base of the sticks, while the character 寅, referring to the Year of the Tiger, is carved onto the caps. The pair of sticks also comes packaged in a red paper sleeve, as the colour red is also considered to be a lucky colour for the new year celebrations.

Moreover, the launch of the supersized chopsticks came with a tongue-in-cheek film by Lion & Lion, which was collaborated with production house Directors Think Tank. The film utilised elements of comedy and suspense to tell the story of the chopsticks, while also delivering a warm new year’s greeting.

Cheelip Ong, Lion & Lion’s regional chief creative officer, believes in finding fresh and fun ways to celebrate key occasions of the year with ideas that engage and entertain. 

“Our super-sized Chopsticks of Roaring Fortune marries our respect for tradition, the festive spirit of Chinese New Year, and our heart for innovation to wish all greater heights of success in the Year of the Tiger,” said Ong. 

Meanwhile, TattHo Chow, Lion & Lion’s creative group head, shared that they thought of building this giant pair of chopsticks to allow the Chinese community in Malaysia and Singapore to ‘lo’ higher than everyone else.

“This fun idea comes from true insight as members of this community, and that ability to turn the insight into a creative expression is important for us in Lion & Lion,” said Chow.

Lion & Lion said that it is also offering a pair of the new ‘Chopsticks of Roaring Fortune’ to a lucky winner. To enter the giveaway, applicants should send a direct message to Lion & Lion’s LinkedIn or Instagram page with a creative ‘lo hei’ greeting. This giveaway will run until 7 February 2022.