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airasia ride soon to launch in Thailand, Indonesia, and Philippines

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – A year after its inception, the airasia Super App celebrates its e-hailing arm, airasia ride, as it has completed one million rides in less than a year. This quarter, airasia ride will be expanding to Thailand, followed by Indonesia and the Philippines in the following quarters.

During the past eight months, airasia ride has grown to 10 Malaysian cities, including the Klang Valley, Penang, Ipoh, Seremban, Melaka, Johor Bahru, Alor Setar, Kota Bharu, and Kuala Terengganu, while introducing community driver features such as the LadiesOnly ride.

The company also revealed an additional UNLIMITED 90 percent discounts on AirAsia flights for its drivers who maintain the ‘Captain’ rank for three consecutive months will automatically be eligible for this unique perk for six months upon entitlement.This perks will allow them to fly anywhere on the AirAsia network with 90 percent off the base fare for any flights. 

On top of that, drivers take 85% of the net fares (excluding toll charges), higher than other e-hailing providers in the market, making it a viable part-time job option and side income opportunity. Fares on airasia ride are set based on fair pricing, which takes into consideration what our guests can afford while still compensating for any extra travel time caused by heavy traffic. The latest feature on airasia ride, LadiesOnly, also aims to empower women with more working opportunities in the e-hailing space.

Additionally, airasia ride is also inviting all new and existing airasia ride users to join in the celebration by offering an exclusive, limited time Free Rides on 28 April 2022 from 10am- 12pm, 2pm – 4pm, and 8pm-10pm. 

Lim Chiew Shan, regional CEO of airasia ride, said that they would like to thank each and every Allstar in airasia ride for pushing hard and making today’s milestone happen. When they started back in August last year and in the midst of the pandemic too, they were quietly optimistic that airasia ride will take off to a good start. One million rides completed in the span of less than a year would not have been possible without the dedication of their drivers, and therefore they would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude with a brand new perk for their drivers. 

“The AirAsia unlimited 90% airline discount perk is definitely apt, as it will enable the drivers to explore all the destinations within the vast AirAsia network and also experience the whole airasia Super App ecosystem themselves. For example, a flight from KL – Bali on AirAsia’s ID90 scheme will only cost RM90 one way, and flights to domestic destinations such as Penang are only RM30. They are able to utilise this for as many times as they prefer in the six months period,” Shan said.

Meanwhile, he added,“Furthermore, airasia ride has also contributed to around 20% of new users of the airasia Super App since its establishment last August, which is quite impressive given that we’re only present in Malaysia currently. With the much anticipated expansion across Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines for the rest of this year, we are sure that airasia ride will also replicate this same success in those markets, and help drivers have better insights on travellers’ preferences and more by expanding our footprint across airports in the country and the rest of the region.” 

To better serve passengers heading to and from the airport, airasia ride drivers will have the added benefit of working with one of Asia’s airline brands. Guests on AirAsia flights now have the option of booking their rides upon purchasing their flights, allowing drivers to secure more jobs in advance and can plan their trips more efficiently and productively. Drivers will also have access to real-time information on passenger arrivals, allowing them to better manage their time and maximize their revenues by reducing waiting time and making more trips.