Hong Kong – The 113-year old Moroccan coffee chain Bacha Coffee has officially unveiled its inaugural boutique and takeaway experience chain in Hong Kong, located at the IFC mall. 

Guests on the go may indulge in the unique Bacha Coffee takeaway experience, where they can choose from over 200 coffees prepared to order either hot or iced, alongside an assortment of 8 varieties of multi-coloured signature sweet and savoury croissants in addition to other house-made kouglof, brioche and pound cakes.

Moreover, beyond the takeaway experience, the immersive boutique revives the time-honoured luxury of traditional, slow-roasted beans and bespoke grinds for a new generation of coffee lovers. Offering exclusively Arabica coffees from farms in 35 countries, Bacha Coffee features over 200 varieties of coffees which can be purchased in-store.

Taha Bouqdib, president and CEO at V3 Gourmet, parent company of Bacha Coffee, said, “Bacha Coffee is the product of a rich legacy, a brand that has ripened over storied brews since 1910. This first opening in Hong Kong at ifc mall will ignite the imagination of our guests in the same way that coffee transports us to faraway destinations.” 

He added, “The boutique reflects the voyage from the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia, to the rest of the world. It also reflects that moment when time stops, when you take your first sip of Arabica. Bacha Coffee is not just another coffee, it is another world.”