Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Heineken Lao aims to promote a safer celebration—through a new grilling pan

Bangkok, Thailand – As the year-end festivities in the country of Laos are fast approaching, beer brand Heineken Lao has come up with its latest campaign to promote safer dining celebrations by launching its special grilling pan: the Star Grill Pan. This is designed for 5 persons’ consumption, each person having their own “star” corner to separate grilling, to encourage limiting celebration size in a fun way.

The campaign, made in collaboration with Wunderman Thompson Thailand, also comes with premium imported meat, organic vegetables and one extra cold Heineken carton, making the experience tastier and more special. The campaign was launched in reflection with Laos’ “Mu Kra Tah” or grilled pork that is part of national culture.

“Facing a huge competition in Laos from Beerlao, Heineken Lao and Wunderman Thompson needed to find a way to own the festive season in a memorable and unique way for Laotions. With the insight and research above, we found that “Mu Kra Tah” is the true symbolic of celebration and with that a new Heineken experience was born,” both parties said in a press statement.

According to Fahmi Rajendra, marketing director at Heineken Lao, they launched the Star Grill Pan to offer their valued local consumers the chance to enjoy “Mu Kra Tah”; while enjoying some ice-cold Heineken beer.

“Despite the pandemic, our goal has never changed – to stay connected with our consumers, providing them a new refreshing experience through initiatives. Our ambitious challenge was to find a safe way to connect people in a really fun and engaging way,” Rajendra said.

Meanwhile, Park Wannasiri, chief creative officer at Wunderman Thompson Thailand, commented that they believe that this campaign with Heineken Lao is the way to create meaningful relevancy with the local audience.

“The Heineken Star Festive BBQ will elevate the Laos’ national culture to the next level, and Heineken is the first brand to proudly share the Mu Kra Tah culture. This is not only a refreshing experience to Laotians, but has proven to drive sales and bring business results as well,” Wannasiri added.

The campaign was launched nationwide and online in early December 2021.

Marketing Featured Global

Football icon Son Heung-Min invites everyone to pursue their boldest ambitions in latest Tiger Beer ad

Singapore – Tiger Beer, one of the well-known premium beer brands in Asia, has launched its first campaign for the year, featuring football icon Son Heung-Min. In it, the South Korean-bord football player invites viewers to chase the boldest of their ambitions this year, which falls under the Year of the Tiger.

The ad, titled ‘The Year of Your Tiger’, features a montage of people saying ‘this is my year’, implying the inspiration they got from Son, who notes that the Year of the Tiger is inspiring him to target his boldest ambition yet – to win a major trophy for his country. In addition, the campaign’s message notes that through dreaming big and never giving up in the face of adversity, Son overcame challenges with courage and determination.

Speaking about the campaign, Son said that he is delighted to partner with Tiger Beer in this movement to inspire people everywhere to own this year by embodying the spirit of the Tiger.

“Tigers are strong in the face of adversity and never back down from a challenge, they’re always bold and determined. I’ve always tried to have the courage to never give up on my dreams – even in the most difficult times. The Year of the Tiger is the perfect opportunity for all of us to dream big and focus on uncaging our true selves,” he stated.

The campaign was created by Publicis One Team Tiger in Singapore and is directed by The Sweet Shop’s Fausto Becatti. The campaign will roll out in all Tiger markets starting with Asia, Oceania and Brazil. In addition, it will kick off a year-long creative platform led by Son where over the next 12 months, Son and a cast of influential voices across Asia Pacific will share personal stories about dreaming big and how they intend to make the Year of the Tiger their own year. 

In regards to the campaign direction, Sean O’Donnell, global brand director at Tiger Beer explained that Tiger Beer was born from defying the odds with a bold and courageous spirit. He added that Son is a global icon who perfectly embodies this spirit of Tiger Beer – he is courageous, confident and unstoppable.

“We believe that we are all born with a Tiger inside us – a version of ourselves that knows no limits to what is possible – but few of us are able to uncage it. We are delighted to be working with Son to inspire people everywhere to use the Year of the Tiger as the catalyst to realize their true selves,” O’Donnell said.

Meanwhile, Melissa Teoh, global marketing manager for communications and digital at Tiger Beer, commented, “Tiger Beer’s brand DNA is all about inspiring people to dream big and pursue their own path, just as Son has done. In the Year of the Tiger, we plan to go beyond simply inspiring people to pursue their passions but will also empower people to do so. We’re excited to start rolling out these programs over the coming months.”

Marketing Featured ANZ

In new strand of its ‘Proudly Ordinary’ campaign, beer brand TED gives comedian Gocsy a factory tour

Australia – Beer brand Tooheys Extra Dry (TED) in Australia has recently released a new installment of its ongoing campaign platform ‘Proudly Ordinary’, done in collaboration with advertising agency 72andSunny.

TED is a dry style lager brewed by alcoholic beverage company Lion in the Tooheys Brewery in New South Wales, Australia. It is well known for its clean, refreshing taste much loved by Aussies and is also called ‘the country’s ordinary, everyday beer’.

The new five-minute quirky film features Gocsy, an Australian comedian who creates content for television channel Vice and his own broadcast channels, taking a guided tour with brand employee Daniel in TED’s factory. In the film, Gocsy seeks to find the real meaning of the brand’s market reputation as an ordinary, everyday beer. 

The previously released videos under the ‘Proudly Ordinary’ campaign worked with The Inspired Unemployed, Mike Nolan from The Big Lez Show, and The Betoota Advocate.

Through the series of films, TED is taking the initiative to remind Australians of what makes the beer different from the others. The ad with Gocsy, which depicts the claim ‘ordinary is not boring’, adds to the fun spin on the claims of the previous films which say ‘not that bad’, ‘it ya know, does the job’, and ‘at the end of the day, you can’t say no’. 

The newest installment is available on Vice’s Facebook page. The ‘Proudly Ordinary’ campaign also includes digital videos and OOH, taken from real customer reviews of the beer across the Tooheys Extra Dry social channels.