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Travel tech platform rebrands as Bakuun

Singapore – Travel technology platform,, has now rebranded to Bakuun. This rebranding strategy reflects both the evolution of the platform as well as its vision for the future. 

Along with this change in the company name, Bakuun has also launched new brand elements such as a logo refresh, a sleeker and cleaner typeface, and an updated primary and secondary colour palette, as well as a new website with a fresh look, featuring a new design and improved user interface. 

Marco Bacchilega, Bakuun’s CEO, shared that along with other major strategy changes, it has been in their plan to re-brand Bakuun and drop ‘.com’ from its name to make its branding catchier and easier to remember. 

“We are excited to introduce our shortened company name – Bakuun –because it reflects our evolution and adaptability in the current time,” said Bacchilega.

Bakuun said that it will be focusing on delivering end-to-end distribution solutions to increase automation, improve efficiency, and make sure that they remain commercially relevant.