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European automobile brand PEUGEOT officially launches in Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan — Automobile company PEUGEOT has officially launched operations in Pakistan through its exclusive partner Lucky Motor Corporation in Karachi. The partnership commenced with the opening of eight 3S dealerships that offer sales, after-sales and other services in six cities namely Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot and Gujranwala.

The tie-up also aims to facilitate the creation of state-of-the-art assembly facilities in Karachi to boost employment, localization and local automotive industry in Pakistan and enhance the internationalization of PEUGEOT.

PEUGEOT is an inventive brand that has been a pioneer in the automotive industry for over 200 years guided by its brand values; ‘Allure, Emotion and Excellence’, which represent sharp design, intuitive driving pleasure and uncompromising quality. With its entry into Pakistan, these values will be upheld as the brand strives to provide the market with the latest innovations and mobility solutions.

Linda Jackson, CEO of the PEUGEOT brand, said, “We are delighted with this partnership. This will be the first time a European car is assembled in Pakistan and we are excited to work with Lucky Motors to support employment, localization and the local automotive industry in the country. Internationalization is a key focus for PEUGEOT, with the B and C segment SUV growth in Pakistan, representing a great opportunity for us. This is also bolstered by the evolution of the legislation of the country towards electrification which is fully in line with our own strategy.”

Simultaneously, Samir Cherfan, chief operating officer of Stellantis Middle East and Africa, commented, “We are excited to embark on this journey in Pakistan with our new partner, Lucky Motor Corporation. We see tremendous potential and opportunity for PEUGEOT in Pakistan and are looking forward to serving customers in this exciting market.

Lucky Motor Corporation is a subsidiary of the Yunus Brothers Group, which has a legacy spanning over five decades. Yunus Brother Group’s robust and dynamic approach has enabled it to gain considerable market share in the Pakistani automotive industry and to set new benchmarks in terms of product offering and customer service. With the introduction of PEUGEOT, the company now aims to provide the best mobility solutions the European brand can offer its customers.

Asif Rizvi, chief operating officer of Lucky Motors Company, shared that Lucky Motors is set to change the automotive landscape of Pakistan by introducing PEUGEOT, the first locally made European brand in the country. Rizvi added that they are very excited to partner with Peugeot and look forward to being associated with Stellantis, a company that strongly believes in futuristic mobility solutions.

“Pakistan, with its 220 million population, offers a great opportunity for someone to come in and disrupt the automotive market. And we have no doubt that the Stellantis with its 14 brand portfolio, will be the one to do so. Lucky Motors is proud to become the first company in Pakistan to have multi-brand manufacturing and dealers. We are delighted to embark on this adventure, bringing with it the best automotive solutions, while also making meaningful contributions and investments that will support economic and social development in Pakistan,” Rizvi said.

The first step of the partnership will begin with the introduction of the locally built PEUGEOT 2008 model. The full-electric e-2008 local production is also considered. The introduction of the PEUGEOT 2008 is the first step of this ongoing commitment to Pakistani customers.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Mercedes-Benz HK unveils latest EQA model with ‘Electrical Jukebox’ campaign

Hong Kong — The Hong Kong division of automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz and its exclusive dealer, Zung Fu, launch the newest electric car from EQA, an entry-level model series for Mercedes-EQ vehicles, with the ‘Electrical Jukebox’, a multisensory, innovative campaign. The promotion was done in collaboration with Isobar Hong Kong, dentsu international’s digital creative agency.

Incorporating Mercedes-Benz EQA’s philosophy, ‘Progressive Luxury’, Isobar Hong Kong introduced the first-ever music meets lightning automobile showcase to the local audiences by streaming AI-extracted soundtracks through a set of electric current emitters called Electrical Resonant Coils, playing music in lightning beams and bolts of electricity, and eventually creating an enchanting scene that best manifested the electrifying look and tech-savvy lifestyle EQA embodies.

To create the effect, chart-topping international and local songs were run through an open-source AI to split the tracks then ran through a synthesiser before it was played on electrical resonant coils to create a truly spectacular light and sound show.

To complete it, the promotion was tested in a popular Hong Kong mall where a live and interactive demonstration took place. Audiences could enjoy the electric dance and the EQA display up-close and safe through a massive jukebox, they could pick their favourite songs to “electrify” through scanning the QR codes and entering a WhatsApp chatbot and an AR app allowed them to get up close and look at the car from every angle.

Ken Lo, creative director for Isobar Hong Kong, commented on their campaign to popularize the idea that electric cars can be fun, and said, “It was really exciting to see people’s reaction when we fired up the Jukebox because no one, including the production house and our in-house creative team, believed playing music with lightning was actually feasible. Everyone thought it was CG with background music until they were standing just a few feet from the bolts of electricity.”