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AppZaloot appoints GO Communications as partner agency

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – GO Communications (GO) has been appointed by AppZaloot – an up-and-coming SuperApp set to redefine community interactions – to manage PR, digital and influencer engagements, ahead of its official launch in the second half of 2022. As part of the 12-month contract, GO will facilitate all communications leading up to, during and following the launch in all Southeast Asian markets prior to its global expansion, by activating its regional network of agencies under the GO Group.

The AppZaloot platform, which has been five years in the making, will be first introduced in Malaysia prior to its regional and global expansion. The app combines social media interaction with a game-changing loyalty and rewards programme, which will utilise blockchain and crypto technology, benefitting individual users and businesses. 

AppZaloot’s Founder and CEO, Max Thomas, said, “We are truly excited as we are in the final stages of building the SuperApp, which will be rolled out in stages beginning later this year. Malaysia will be the first market to experience the platform, and we’re certainly excited to be working with GO Communications, leading up to our launch, not only locally but in the region.”

According to Thomas, the GO Communications team has an excellent track record of championing brands and products while developing some truly stand-out campaigns. “In this regard, we see them as the right fit for us, not only as an agency, but a critical business partner as we roll out the platform, which we are confident will benefit communities and small businesses around the world,” added Thomas.

Putting communities at the heart of its operations, AppZaloot has pledged to conduct business in a completely different way, channelling a percentage of its revenue back to communities, funding local projects, which are picked by members of the community. Users are also assured that their data and privacy will be protected at all times to facilitate a truly safe experience.

Speaking of the appointment, GO Communications’ CEO, Peter de Kretser, said, “We have no doubt in our minds that AppZaloot will be a true game-changer in the social and digital space, which will redefine social and community interactions. I would like to thank Max and his team for this honour of working with them, and am confident that with his vast experience and expertise, AppZaloot is all set to energise local communities and the social space.”

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This super-app expanding to PH aims to bring back the ‘human’ in humanity in its service

Manila, Philippines – As more and more Filipinos are getting more engaged in social media, everyone of us finds whatever we need online, from food necessities and essentials to finding new connections. However, the irony of social media is evident with the existence of ads and countless content that the user may not actually find useful for them.

Such a dilemma is the objective for AppZaloot, the new super-app expanding to the Philippines, aims to erase, bringing back the ‘human’ in humanity, and making connecting online more meaningful through local connections and presenting only what matters to the user.

Founded by Max Thomas in 2016, the app does not collect data from its users without their full consent, allowing them to use social media without worrying if their privacy is being compromised.

“We understand that most people don’t want to have their data used by social media companies, regardless if the data will be used for good intentions such as creating targeted ads and personalizing their feeds to enhance their social media experience,” Thomas said.

He added, “That’s why in AppZaloot, we value our users’ privacy by not collecting and sharing their data without their full consent, allowing them to see and enjoy how social media should really be done.”

The greater asset of AppZaloot is it uses geolocation-based technology, which enables the users on the app’s local feed to interact with other users in their area, as near as 1km from where they are to up to 25km. This feature allows users to engage with their neighbors, strengthening community ties, providing help where it’s needed, and disseminating relevant local news and updates. 

Having a separate feed for their local community enables users to control what they want to see and when they want to see them as well, as opposed to getting ads and updates that other social media platforms integrate into their users’ feed.

The choice of ads on the platform is only heavily based on the app’s local advertising feed, where users can check local establishments for accommodation, entertainment, local services, food, trades, and shopping. Having a dedicated feed just for ads ensures that users’ feeds are not clogged with pointless and irrelevant ads.

In addition, a private friends feed is also present in the app, where users can view what their friends are up to, which allows them to focus on communicating with their friends and family, bringing back what it means to be social on social media.

Part of the app’s features is the global feed that allows users to follow their favorite celebrities, influencers, businesses, and their other interests. In contrast to the local and private friends’ feeds, users can check out their favorite content and enhance their interests and hobbies through the global feed.

Lastly, AppZaloot will also feature an emergency system that sends out alerts to users based on their local area, ranging from COVID-19 outbreaks, traffic accidents to bad weather.

In a press conference, AppZaloot revealed that they will be preparing to launch its very own crypto tokens called Zaloots, the pre-sale of which will be available by the end of June. Said tokens can be tradeable on several international decentralized crypto exchanges. This will be eventually integrated into AppZaloot’s upcoming loyalty program, as well as used on the app for payments and rewards.