In a conversation with Angeli Beltran, director of interactive commerce ASEAN & global care centre of excellence at Reckitt, she shares her industry journey and the challenges she faced upon building her marketing career.

Angeli boasts more than 20 years of experience in marketing, communications and business management. Of what makes her thrive in handling different market profiles she shared, “I always tell my teams that if we are generalizing, we’re probably not doing the right thing for the consumer because the purpose of digital and CRM is to recognize consumers as individuals and rather than nameless homogeneous cohorts.”

“My role has been really focused on capabilities building, which is equipping and empowering the markets with lasting competency so that they can outperform in their categories and their markets,” Angeli adds.

During the conversation with Angeli, we asked about what remarkable progress in gender equality in the workplace she experienced and how she addressed it, she shared, “You know, the reason why I’m passionate about gender equality is that I’ve experienced firsthand what it means to be a victim of gender inequality.”

Angeli emphasised, “In Reckitt, for example, we believe that gender equality is not just a moral imperative, it’s also good for business. Our focus is to increase the number of women in Reckitt’s leadership. So right now, within Reckitt, men and women have the same level have the same earning opportunity, which is great.”

Currently, Angeli is the sponsor for the Asian chapter of Spark, which is the empowerment of women in digital and e-commerce within Reckitt. This initiative encourages women to learn from the success of other women and build a network of support within the organization. [And also] leveraging that enormous skill set and capabilities that women can bring to the industry.

Listen to the full conversation with Angeli over on Spotify, where she further discusses her marketing strategies in this time of pandemic and her passion for interactive commerce as well as her advice for marketers who take care of multiple markets. You can also view the video highlights of the conversation on our YouTube channel.

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