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IPG Mediabrands inks agreement with Amplified Intelligence for media selection optimization

Sydney, Australia – IPG Mediabrands, the media and marketing solutions group of IPG, has signed an agreement with audience measurement company Amplified Intelligence to help fuel Mediabrands’ IPG IQCPM tool, which allows clients the opportunity to optimize their media selections based on the value of the attention their media is generating rather than just the cost of an ‘eyeball’ or view. Said agreement takes effect immediately.

Mediabrands’ proprietary tool allows clients to move away from evaluating media on the price of impacts and focus on the value of the attention that the channel is bringing. Meanwhile, Amplified Intelligence’s attentionTRACE, an attention measurement platform, measures media impact across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, TV and the open web in an expanding list of markets globally, including Australia.

This is Amplified Intelligence’s first API agreement with an Australian media agency offering deep cross-platform attention data directly into their tooling. 

Mark Coad, CEO at Mediabrands, said, “We are thrilled to be the first Australian media agency to partner with Amplified Intelligence on an API as we seek more ways to build on our market leading approach to finding and defining value for our clients. It’s what we are about and how we continue to generate success for our partners and clients.”

Meanwhile, Nick Durrant, managing director of MAGNA, commented that this agreement is viewed as an important step in their movement away from the trading of impacts towards trading outcomes for our clients. He added that at their agency, they believe that value can be measured in many different ways, and that they have, therefore, created a suite of tools and value metrics to enable clients to focus on what is really valuable to their business.

“Now we can offer more. If a client values attention we will use new tools, powered by Amplified Intelligence, to value media based on this metric. We are also developing sustainability metrics to allow us to optimise plans based on their environmental impact. These tools allow us to optimize our clients’ media investment to the areas they truly find valuable,” Durrant said.

He added, “Attention is a precise and successful way to measure human interaction with media which makes it a powerful predictor of brand choice and a powerful tool for reducing waste. This enables us to optimise far more accurately to the outcomes our clients are trying to achieve.”

Karen Nelson Field, CEO and founder, Amplified Intelligence, stated, “With attention metrics Mediabrands will be able to demonstrate to their clients what we have known for a long time – the amount of attention a platform or format generates is consistently linked to various business uplifts.”

She added, “Attention measurement is vital to the future of planning and trading, and we are changing how the advertising industry thinks about the effectiveness of their media investments. The attention economy is here and we are excited to be working with Mediabrands at the forefront.”