Manila, Philippines – Alpha Tech, a Canada-based e-sports tech company has announced its expansion to the Philippine market, thanks to local-based e-sports entertainment company Nexgen, with which they announced a partnership.

Nexgen, which is based in the province of Cebu in the Philippines, has hosted several tournaments including a mobile tournament called ‘Battle of Truth Tournament’, where Season 1 and 2 had 200 teams registered in each, totaling over 1,200 users.

Through the newly-found partnership, Nexgen will utilize the platform Alpha Tech uses, GamerzArena. Aside from its exclusivity, GamerzArena will also be used in Nexgen’s upcoming events with different universities in the Philippines, as well as different contests with professional streamers and e-sports teams in the Nexgen database.

“We are proud to partner with Nexgen and their current reach in the Philippines will provide us with access to thousands of new users for GamerzArena. Nexgen is also working with many different esports teams and universities and we look forward to showing these organizations our platform and adding them to our umbrella of partners,” said Matthew Schmidt, interim CEO of Alpha Tech.

Meanwhile, Jasper Jay Lataza, CEO of Nexgen, commented, “The goal of Nexgen is to expand e-sports in the Philippines. In partnering with GamerzArena, they will help us further achieve our goal of providing e-sports events for the aspiring gamers. The partnership will help players and teams further showcase their talents in gaming.”