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Data platform Aimazing ties with M2Cash for O2O retail tech

Philippines – Aimazing, the retail data platform for mall management, has partnered Philippines’ IT consulting and O2O marketing company, M2Cash, aimed at enabling malls and retailers in the Philippines to digitalize shopper campaigns and create seamless engaging shopping experiences in physical retail stores.

The partnership will provide malls and large retail chains an enhanced user experience for consumer campaigns, as well as streamline their back-end operations and provide clear visibility of campaign performance and ROI. It will also allow them to leverage automation technologies and run a multitude of promotional campaigns concurrently, delivering a new user experience while significantly lowering costs and raising efficiency.

According to Aimazing, retailers are looking for ways to future-proof their systems with the rapidly changing retail landscape as they used to face fragmented POS and manual systems for vouchers, draws, and validation combined with high vulnerability to human error and fraud. 

With Aimazing, the retail automation will simplify the manual processes and allow physical retail to operate with real-time intelligence, as well as run campaigns such as live shopping events. It also creates seamless customer experiences, such as instant earn-and-burn for mall loyalty points and instant carpark redemption. In addition, the simple plug-and-play solution allows Philippines malls and retailers to easily track their offline transaction data and run their own promotional campaigns.

Jun Ting, Aimazing’s CEO, shared that as the retail experience continues to evolve, automation at scale has been proven in powering sales with a high gross merchandise value and bringing about proven cost savings.

“Our partnership with M2Cash marks another major milestone for Aimazing as we continue to push the arc in providing solutions for retailers, brands and shoppers through a highly personalised shopping experience in the Philippines,” said Ting.

Meanwhile, Chris Fong, M2Cash’s CEO Chris Fong, said, “We want to offer a compelling omnichannel experience – this joint partnership with Aimazing will take shopper engagement to the next level and build a strong digital ecosystem where both retailers and consumers can maximize their engagement.”

In December 2021, Aimazing has also partnered with local upper-scale mall destination in Manila, Power Plant Mall, to launch a digital raffle campaign that offers customers opportunities to earn rewards in real-time for their purchases at stores across the entire mall.

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Rockwell’s Power Plant Mall ties with retail data platform Aimazing to launch annual raffle digitally

Philippines – Aimazing, the retail data platform for mall management has recently obtained a partnership with local upper-scale mall destination in Manila, Power Plant Mall, to launch a digital raffle campaign that offers customers opportunities to earn rewards in real-time for their purchases at stores across the entire mall.

Through the new partnership, Aimazing will be allowing Rockwell teams to automate the entire collection process and focus on better user experiences for consumer campaigns while providing tenants with the highest efficiency and data visibility.

To join the lucky draw, customers will have to use their mobile devices and input the alphanumeric code found on their receipt on Rockwell’s loyalty app while shopping on the go. By spending between ₱1,000 to ₱3,000 at selected Rockwell locations and stores from 05 November 2021 to 31 January 2022, the customers can enter the Christmas Raffle by entering their raffle code on Rockwell’s loyalty app to stand a chance to win a Land Rover Defender.

Tracey Castillo, Rockwell Land Corporation’s vice president for marketing, said that with the new tie-up, they wanted to remove any barriers for customers who will participate in their annual raffle.

“Our partnership with Aimazing comes in at a great time of reopening after the worst of the pandemic dropped foot traffic significantly, and we are delighted to be able to do our part to bolster consumer sentiment and welcome our community back in a festive way this season,” said Castillo.

Meanwhile, Jun Ting, Aimazing’s chief executive officer, commented, “Moving forward, we can power any sort of promos, and many more exciting digital experiences in the mall with our technology and mall pioneers like Power Plant Mall.”

The Rockwell team has also announced that it will be launching various digital campaigns, alongside Aimazing, in their different properties outside the metro in the next few months.

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Aimazing, HyperQB partner for super-app launch providing mall intelligence

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Retail data platform Aimazing and customer engagement and loyalty super-app HyperQB have integrated their solutions to provide a complete mall intelligence and first-of-its-kind loyalty solution in the form of a mall super-app for Malaysia and the region.

Through the partnership, Aimazing will deliver a mobile solution that is easily accessible, allowing retail malls to achieve more omnichannel personalization to power their marketing and loyalty efforts. This in turn allows malls to look forward to having the infrastructure that allows them to have the same data-driven ability similar to e-commerce marketplaces, where every consumer’s purchasing journey is taken into context when crafting marketing campaigns.

Retailers will be able to use the dashboard to see foot traffic data and customise new retail strategies in real-time according to their customers’ journey. This was previously impossible, if not extremely costly and time-consuming, due to the fragmentation that exists in the current point of sale (POS) market.

“The strategic partnership provides a singular, unified view for mall managers to deliver experiences that are powered by modern technology platforms. In a post-pandemic world, it is increasingly important for malls to adapt and understand the importance of an insights-driven omnichannel approach. The partnership between Aimazing and HyperQB helps to give mall managers the infrastructure they need in order to enable this,” said Jun Ting, chief executive officer at Aimazing.

In addition, the mall super-app improves loyalty programs for customers by allowing mall management teams to understand shopping patterns and consumer habits, presenting the opportunity to offer various rewards in the form of discounts and perks to incentivize shoppers to conduct repeat purchases. 

HyperQB believes that customer loyalty programs are key assets that can be leveraged by mall managers on Aimazing’s mall super-app to run campaigns, understand which merchants they should work with and have data of shoppers preferred merchant brands allowing them to find creative ways to retain those customers, further increasing their lifetime value.

“The era of online is already here, and will continue staying with us. There is no other best answer to retail automation and transformation to use omni-channel to shape the entire customer journey So what is your strategy? Those questions should always come from the top management of the retailers and mall operators,” said Stephen Lim, co-founder and managing director at HyperQB.

Aimazing and HyperQB’s joint offerings are aimed at powering all malls in Malaysia to sustain their business by increasing foot traffic, increasing sales through effective promotions, and customer retention by providing the smartest and most seamless unified shopping and customer experience. 

Malls will be able to improve their returns on mall marketing by unlocking advertising dollars from brands and FMCG deals and forming multiple partnerships that could generate insights for the expansion of their products and services, by utilizing mall intelligence.

“Within the current retail market, malls do not have real-time sales data to inform business decisions, due to the technical difficulties involved in its collection processes. With an all-in-one integrated retail data and loyalty platform, the retail industry can look forward to infrastructure and solutions that can help supercharge their business operations and omni-channel strategies,” Aimazing said in a press statement.

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Ex-Shopback marketing head Imran Mohamad joins Aimazing as head of marketing

Singapore – Local-based retail technology company Aimazing has announced the appointment of former Shopback’s head of marketing Imran Mohamad as its new head of marketing, where he will be responsible for overseeing the overall brand and marketing objectives of the group, including shaping the brand’s positioning and market strategy.

Mohamad brings in more than nine years of marketing experience in marketing strategy and general management. During his time at Shopback, he was responsible for customer acquisition and revenue maximization for the platform. Furthermore, he also served as a director at the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SMCCI) which represents more than 900 business members, as well as overseeing an Enterprise Singapore-supported incubation program, Protege Kita.

For Jun Ting, chief executive officer at Aimazing, Mohamad brings into the company a perfect mix of organizational leadership, marketing experience and digital expertise that they are looking for to significantly increase the effectiveness of their communication efforts, partnerships and channels.

He added that Mohamad’s appointment comes at a time when the company is ready to scale their solutions into multiple markets in the world, entering as the best player in the market for malls to understand all real-time sales data happening every day.

“Our ability to communicate our unique value proposition to leading and boutique retail mall managers, and co-create the ultimate retail experience with partners, while building long-term and strong relationships will be key to anchor the company as the leading real-time retail sales data analytics player. Imran has the right experience and capabilities to lead the work on the marketing-front,” Ting stated.

Speaking about his appointment, Mohamad commented that joining the company at this time is an incredibly exciting one as Aimazing is changing the game in retail with a patented solution that will transform how data within shopping malls is acquired, unified, and analyzed to create a trifecta of wins – for the consumers, for the malls, and for the retail merchants.

“With our most recent project successes and progress with leading market players and cities around the world, it’s exciting to grow the team and projects to truly be the ‘Google Analytics’ of physical and omnichannel retail. I am delighted to be able to take this success story forward and we are already planning various digital and communication strategies for the coming year,” said Mohamad.