Australia – Global adtech Quantcast has introduced a self-service platform (SSP) to make open internet advertising more accessible to independent agencies and advertisers. This project enables businesses of all sizes to reach new audiences by providing tools and data previously only available to large ad spenders. 

The new offering from Quantcast offers a remedy for the changing environment of digital marketing, as old cookie-based advertising techniques are being phased out due to privacy concerns. With the support of the new platform, independent agencies and advertisers may transition to cookieless advertising and maintain their competitiveness and efficacy in marketing campaigns. 

The key aspects of Quantcast’s new self-serve platform include AI-driven insights, which offers users access to AI and machine learning capabilities that enable high-performance advertising. The technology also provides simplified campaign management via an easy interface, making programmatic advertising accessible to everybody and facilitating campaign setup, management, and analysis. Additionally, the platform provides comprehensive cookieless solutions, which include new and proven measurement and targeting solutions that do not rely on third-party cookies. 

The open web is where most consumers spend their time, and while many small and midsize businesses are skilled at using social media marketing platforms to reach potential customers, this launch offers the same access to it. 

Speaking about the launch, Konrad Feldman, CEO of Quantcast, said, “Today’s legacy DSPs are too complex, too time-consuming, and too dependent on third- party cookies. Our goal is to empower businesses of all sizes to effectively reach their audiences, bringing the simplicity and efficiency of the walled gardens to the expansive and diverse open internet. There is a huge opportunity for marketers to improve their advertising performance and drive meaningful results.” 

Meanwhile, Clare Rogers, business director at This is Flow, stated, “Thanks to Quantcast, we’ve been able to efficiently target our key audience segments, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates. Their innovative approach to advertising without third-party cookies has given us a competitive edge. We’re extremely satisfied with the performance and results, and so are our clients.”