Melbourne, Australia – Betting platform Sportsbet has launched its latest campaign which highlights the many product benefits of its AFL Same Game Multi Tracker. The said tracker lets users keep track of their Same Game Multi stats all in one place on the platform.

Employing its signature tongue-in-cheek style, the platform personifies the inner workings of the tracker by mounting a comical feature that shows an ‘imaginary’ HQ where different ‘departments’ work together to keep tabs on the wagering stats. 

Created by Sportsbet’s in-house creative team, in collaboration with production partner Palomina and Steelbridge Studios and Alt VFX, the campaign uses virtual production technology to bring AFL Same Game Multi Tracker’s ‘imaginary’ HQ to life. 

“It’s always exciting being given the opportunity to work with new tech. Virtual production really suited this creative idea and with Steelbridge we were able to build the world that Armand and Sportsbet envisioned for the Tracker HQ, working with amazing talent from WA and Qld. It was a great process and shoot,” said Palomina’s Kate Merrin.

Shot in both virtual and real sets at Steelbridge Studios in Queensland, Palomina engaged director Armand De Saint Salvy to amplify the ‘imaginary’ HQ narrative. Together, all partners took a big idea and brought to life the functionalities of the app through relatable and comical departments, each representing the legs of a Same Game Multi.

“Armand’s off-beat creative approach complements our brand satire perfectly. He’s a master storyteller who seamlessly combines comedy and drama to make stories resonate with a brand’s target audience. We just love the style of this ad and the world which we built for it, and we are confident punters will engage with AFL Same Game Multi Tracker as a result,” said Sportsbet’s Head of Brand, GTM & Advertising, Jason Thatcher. 

Sportsbet’s Executive Creative Director, Rambo Goraya, also said, “Sportsbet has always been renowned for its audacious and unexpected campaigns and this latest campaign is no exception. It’s a product that punters love and we hope the playful creative visualisation of Tracker in the TVCs resonates with them just as much as the product itself.”

The creative is available across social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, together with radio. The campaign went live across various sporting platforms (FTV, PTV and Digital) on 30 April and will be aired across various channels for up to 6 months.

In MARKETECH APAC’s year-end special series for 2022, Sportsbet came out as the ‘Video Campaign of the Year’. The platform bagged the recognition for the 2022 iteration of its campaign for group betting feature ‘Bet With Mates’ and multi-bet product ‘Same Game Multi’. 

Ultimately, the platform came out on top for utilising bespoke production and delivering creative that is of cinematic value. It was during the said campaign that the platform boasted of the employment of new technology from virtual production studio Dreamscreen.