Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Adqlo, a Malaysia-based tech company, has released a report analysing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Malaysia’s retail industry.

Titled “Life After Covid-19—How The Retail Industry Is Forever Changed”, the report analysed 8 retail sectors, 8,220 profiles, and 339,930 postings from social media and e-commerce platforms in Malaysia over a span of 105 days from 1 January to 14 April 2020 to see how the industry has been impacted by the pandemic and the government-decreed Movement Control Order (MCO), as well as the digital transformation or lack thereof that has subsequently taken place.

The report offers unique insights into the Malaysian market, highlighting the impact of the MCO on consumer behaviours and habits; effects on different segments of the retail industry and how the industry players have reacted; as well as changes in the social influencers landscape.

Ginz Ooi, Founder and CEO of Adqlo, said,

“When the Covid-19 pandemic hit Malaysia, many businesses are heavily affected, especially those in the retail and SMEs segment. Businesses are turning to digital in an attempt to stay afloat but have no clue how to navigate the digital landscape.”

“This is where Adqlo steps in to help these businesses using data and social media.”, he added.

As consumers spend more time online in the wake of the MCO, brands have the opportunity to gain greater reach through a sound digital strategy covering multiple digital touchpoints.

“We hope this report will be able to help businesses make informed decisions in their journey of digital transformation and get ahead of the curve,” said Ginz Ooi, Founder and CEO, Adqlo.

Adqlo’s Life After Covid-19—How The Retail Industry Is Forever Changed report is now available to download for free.