Australia – Pizza brand Domino’s in Australia has got a new “delivery” service, albeit not novel at all, its new creative spot by agency Elevencom might just inspire in customers a fresh excitement for it. 

The pizza chain is offering a new “car park delivery,” where customers don’t need to get out of their cars to claim their order. In the new ad,  the brand brings home the point of the service’s convenience by imagining the possibility of why customers won’t be able to get out of their cars – such as an approaching dinosaur. 

In the ad, the car park has been turned into a Jurassic-like park, stirring scare among a group of DNA scientists looking to claim their pizza order.

This has been the second installment of the brand’s car park delivery ads, wherein the first one threw in a comic story of fishes not being able to get out of their water-filled cars.

Domino’s new car park delivery combines both pick-up and delivery services. Customers initially make an online pick-up order, and claim it within the store’s parking premises.

Elevencom said the campaign will run in Australia and New Zealand on TV and digital channels.