Singapore – Singapore-based social platform for sustainability, abillion, has appointed Laura Kantor, former marketing and sustainability director at foodpanda Singapore, to step into newly created role as vice president of marketing and growth. 

In her new role, Kantor will be responsible for abillion’s all brand marketing, creative, planning, strategy and growth activities. She will also be reporting directly into Vikas Garg, CEO and founder of abillion.

Kantor has over 13 years in marketing and strategy. During her six years at foodpanda Singapore, she grew the business over 100x, launched six business units, and grew the marketing team from 3 to 32 professionals. Passionate about driving change, Kantor is also well-known for spearheading foodpanda’s sustainability strategy across APAC, launching several initiatives which have transformed the Food & Beverage industry; saving billions of sets of cutlery; and becoming the first delivery company to ban the sale of shark fin.

Commenting on her new appointment, Kantor said, “I’m so excited to join Vikas and his incredible team at abillion and be part of such an exciting movement to mobilise communities to get together to save the world.”

Meanwhile, Garg noted, “Our goal is to become the world’s most impactful ecosystem for sustainability, helping consumers and entrepreneurs make choosing sustainably second nature for everyone. Whether you’re buying or selling on abillion’s marketplace, every transaction creates impact, saving lives, feeding the hungry and preserving nature. It’s a completely new blueprint for e-commerce, one that will allow all of us to eat, shop and live our way to a brighter future.”

Singapore – Singapore-based social platform for sustainability, abillion, has launched a new peer-to-peer e-commerce feature for buyers and sellers to interact and transact online with a conscious shift in focus from revenue earned to resulting impact.

abillion is a global digital home to sustainability and plant-based natives. Its sellers set aside a percentage of their revenue to be donated to impactful causes. The buyer then dedicates this sum of money to one of the platform’s more than 60 non-profit partners.

The new feature will be first enjoyed by members in Singapore. They will be able to list sustainable products via the marketplace tab, which is found on the navigation bar at the bottom of the app, Meanwhile, buyers will be able to see the impact of each purchase they intend to make from the starred green value, which is found on the right hand side of each listing.

Vikas Garg, abillion’s CEO and founder, shared that their goal is to become the world’s leading catalyst driving sustainable entrepreneurship and conscious consumerism, powering the growth of the sustainable sector.

“We know that in the near future, everyone will care about sustainability and our planet. abillion will be at the centre of this, acting as the go-to information and digital superhub for all. Here, regardless of whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you will be able to measure the positive impact your transaction has on the world. Through this, we will be able to eat, shop and live our way to a brighter future,” said Garg.

The platform said that it is planning to launch the marketplace by the year-end of 2022 to its largest markets, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Spain, as well as the UK, and the US.