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7UP’s Fido Dido is back to encourage youngsters to be more witty in latest ad

Mumbai, India – Fido Dido, the familiar doodle brand mascot of beverage brand 7UP is back in a new spot for the Indian market, encouraging youngsters to be more witty when they find themselves in seemingly difficult situations.

The ad, conceptualised by creative agency DDB Mudra, notes how youngsters are inspired to be a ‘bit rebellious’, in this case walking over cars when the cars pulled over the pedestrian crossing. After such action, they aided an old woman at the other side of the road to cross over.

For the agency, the campaign’s theme stems from their consumer research with 7UP, where they found that the youth were suffering not just from googlies of a personal nature like relationships, careers, but also those kinds that arise out of systemic problems.

Naseeb Puri, senior marketing director for flavours at PepsiCo India, said, “The new campaign highlights the daily challenges we confront and encourages consumers to take a refreshed approach to prevail in this ever-changing reality is to retain a cool head and keep a quick wit.”

Meanwhile, Ashutosh Sawhney, managing partner for North at DDB Mudra, commented, “India’s biggest gift to the world is its brain capital. From the genius of Ramanujan to that abundantly evident in the everyday ‘jugads’ that Indians across the length and breadth of the country display. The fertility of Indian ingenuity and imagination is unparalleled. 7UP, as a brand that celebrates a refreshed body and a charged mind has taken that mantle.”

He added, “The canvas it lays out for the youth of India, through it’s ‘think fresh’ idea is a timely and well-deserved celebration of this spirit of the Indian youth that despite any odds, is always up and buoyant, thanks to its resourceful ingenuity, which it puts to use to solve pertinent youth issues.”

The ‘Think Fresh’ campaign has been amplified across channels such as TV, digital and OOH.