Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – To honour Malaysia’s Independence Day and National Day, PETRONAS has launched the fifth episode of 366, the company’s original drama series for the year, Day 243. This episode pays tribute to sports and its importance in the lives of Malaysians.

Developed in collaboration with creative agency Ensemble Worldwide, ‘366’, the seven-episode drama series is anchored upon the overall PETRONAS 2022 festive campaign themed ‘Live Again’, and sets out to portray the resilience, fortitude, and togetherness of Malaysians during trying times.

The series was launched in February with ‘Day 32’ for Chinese New Year, with the title of each episode corresponding with Malaysia’s festive celebrations. Subsequent episodes aired in April and May to commemorate Hari Raya (Day 123), and the cultural festivals of East Malaysia – Kaamatan (Day 151), the harvest festival celebrated by ethnic Kadazan-Dusuns and other related ethnic groups in the state of Sabah; as well as Hari Gawai (Day 151), a thanksgiving and harvest festival celebrated by the Dayak people of Sarawak and Sabah. 

The series revolves around the main characters, Zhi Yi, Poji, and Adam as they experience the complexities of life together with family and friends, and recognise the ties that bind them. This latest episode continues with the story of a youth football team that wants to achieve its dream of winning the Malaysian Football Festival.

Episode 5 was directed by Kabir Bhatia, a director/producer who has spent the last 20 years in Malaysia stamping his strong visual style in the film industry. It features flashbacks of badminton, a favourite grassroots sport are seen, alongside living football legends Mohd Safee bin Mohd Sali (Safee Sali) and Datuk Wira Soh Chin Ann, also known as Tauke.

Didi Pirinyuang, executive creative director of Ensemble Worldwide, said that drafting 366 over the course of the year has been a real experience, and as they develop each character, they become more and more invested to see how life pans out for them. 

She further shared that injecting the theme of sports this time also added a new fun element as the love of sports is synonymous with Malaysians, and they were privileged to recognise their legendary past.

“Shaping the storyline is a collective process, not just between us and the PETRONAS team, but with all Malaysians out there who are sharing in this journey of discovery with us. We still have two episodes to go before the end of the year, and we’re excited to see where their stories take us. Bravely forward, down new paths of inspiration,” added Pirinyuang.

The ‘366’ series is available for viewing on PETRONAS’ official YouTube channel and Facebook page.