Guide to Elevate Your Customer Engagement Strategies

Marketing Guide

  |  September 2021

Need to brainstorm new messaging and find innovative ways to meet your business goals? Or have an existing campaign that you want to take to greater heights? With a swift digital acceleration brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, even the most seasoned marketer may find it challenging to deliver exceptional brand experiences that cut through the noise.

That’s why MARKETECH APAC and Braze are bringing you the Braze Inspiration Guide. It’s an inspiring collection of over 40 customizable campaigns leveraged by the world’s savviest brands to effectively activate, monetize and retain their customers. The marketing guide provides marketers with different case studies showing proven digital strategies for customer acquisition and retention.

Key Highlights:

  • Key messaging channels that every marketer should know
  • Over 40 campaigns including app downloads, seasonal promotions, product adoption, loyalty, and more
  • Proven tactics that brands leverage across the customer lifecycle to increase engagement


Report | Guide to Elevate Your Customer Engagement Strategies

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