Programmable Email: Connecting the CX Dots in 2023

June 21, 2023 |

2:00 pm


60 minutes

Nobody wants to receive the same email campaigns. Consumers of today want to be approached by their communication style, preferring to connect and relate with brands they support. 

It is essential for brands to successfully reach the inbox of their consumers, and be able to create more personalised experiences for them. The challenge arises, however, in getting an impressive impact from various generational cohorts.

To equip marketers in optimising their email marketing strategies, MARKETECH APAC invited top industry leaders in Southeast Asia to share their programmable email strategies that will help brands stay on par in the ever-evolving CX landscape.


June 21, 2023

02:00 PM - 02:20 PM SGT
PRESENTATION: From Mediocre to Memorable: The Art and Science of Impactful Email Marketing

Join us for an insightful webinar as we delve into the world of email marketing and debunk the myth that it’s a dying strategy.

We will discuss:
1. Why email marketing is not dead (and very much alive)
2. Art of standing out from the ‘sea of sameness’, sharing practical tips on how to create genuine and impactful email marketing content
3. The secret sauce: competitive email intelligence, sharing how you can leverage competitive data to optimise your campaigns and achieve better results

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionise your email marketing strategies and unlock the path to success!

Geraldine Chen

Business Development Manager | MessageBird

June 21, 2023

02:20 PM - 03:00 PM SGT
PANEL DISCUSSION: Making Your Way to Consumers’ Inbox: How to channelize customer behaviour to programmable email strategies
  • Understand: What do consumers really want to see in brand-led emails, how frequently do they want to receive them, and what timeslots are most optimal?  
  • Strategise: What email creatives and messaging are best for each generational cohort – Millennial, Gen Z, and Gen X? 
  • Personalise: How can brands develop a holistic email campaign that would deliver personalised messaging for each stage of the funnel? 
  • Repeat: How can marketers replicate success in their programmable email strategies and what pitfalls must they steer clear of?
Gino Riola

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer | Allianz PNB Life

Alrick Oh

VP of Marketing | Coinhako


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